Adam Levine Says Jennifer Hudson Threw Her Shoe At A Contestant During 'The Voice' Auditions

Emily Hutchinson

Adam Levine is opening up about Jennifer Hudson's competitive nature on The Voice.

The long-time coach revealed how the newbie is doing on the set in a new interview, where he revealed that Hudson has been getting "so mad" while filming the initial blind audition stages that she actually threw her shoe at a contestant.

Levine admitted that Jennifer got off to a rough start on The Voice Season 13 and wasn't attracting contestants to her team when it came to winning them over and luring them away from fellow coaches Adam, Blake Shelton, and Miley Cyrus.

"The first couple days went by, and I think she started getting mad," he told Entertainment Tonight of the former American Idol contestant's somewhat rocky start, claiming that she was actually losing people she wanted to join Team Jennifer.

"She wasn't getting people, and I think she finally just got so mad, she had enough, and she started throwing her shoe," Levine said.

But while it sounds like that may have been a diva move on the "Spotlight" singer's part, Adam claimed that it actually wasn't a bad sign from the Chicago native.

Instead, he explained that Hudson launching her shoe on the stage during performances actually became her way of telling contestants how good they are during the famous blind audition stages.

He then joked that he too has been taking on Jennifer's approach to letting a contestant know their worth ahead of Season 13, which is set to debut on NBC next month. "I'm getting the hang of it," Adam teased. "I started throwing my shoes, and other things."

But despite the show throwing drama, Levine pointed out that Hudson knows what she's doing after appearing on The Voice U.K. as a coach alongside Will.I.Am, Tom Jones, and Gavin Rossdale earlier this year.

"It was really easy because she was used to the way that the show works and it's the same chairs, and it's the same vibes," he said of how J-Hud felt right at home on The Voice set. "It was very cool that she got to do that before, and she won actually. Last season! Different show!"

Jennifer has made no secret of her desire to win the U.S. version of the talent search on her first go and teased earlier this year that she's certainly not afraid to get competitive and ruthless in order to beat Adam, Blake, and Miley and has already been strategizing how to beat them.

Helping her build up her team this year will be former Destiny's Child star Kelly Rowland, as People confirmed that Kelly - who's currently a coach on the Australian version of the show – will be serving as her advisor.

Hudson also previously confirmed that she'll be taking the show very seriously when announcing that she'd be joining Adam, Blake, and Miley on the talent search for Season 13.

"In tears thinking of what this means and represents to me and knowing and walking the journey!" Jennifer wrote on Instagram in May. "Wow, who would of thought after being a contestant [on Season 3 of American Idol], that one day, I would be sitting in one of those chairs."

The Voice Season 13 will debut on NBC on September 25.

What do you think of Jennifer Hudson throwing her shoe at contestants during The Voice blind auditions?

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