'TWD' on AMC Releases Exciting New Teaser [Video]

The Walking Dead Season 8 on AMC has released a new teaser video that TWD fans are really going to love. It is supposed to coincide with Episode 100 of The Walking Dead and give fans a little perspective as to how they got to where they're at and what all the characters have been through, which includes TWD characters that have come and gone over the years.

Although there have been many different people come and go on The Walking Dead over the past several years, the new video TWD on AMC released clearly shows that the producers are taking their fans seriously and they want everyone to join in on the nostalgia of the show as they come up on this historic milestone. The video, which is appropriately titled the "First 99," takes fans on a wild ride from way back in Season 1 of The Walking Dead and keeps going until it reaches the Season 7 finale, which is now leading us into Season 8.

The video actually starts out with a monologue by Hershel, who joined The Walking Dead in Season 2 when Rick Grimes and his crew found sanctuary on his farm. But the scenes from Season 1 of The Walking Dead are not forgotten and that includes some of the most memorable, such as Glen faking a zombie walk and Daryl meeting Rick for the first time, which was tense to say the least.

Of course it progresses to feature other seasons of The Walking Dead, which includes their time at the prison as well as the whole Woodbury War and the fallout from the Governor. Every TWD fan remembers just how much that cost Rick and the group, which eventually forced them all over the place until they finally settled in Alexandria.

Other highlights from The Walking Dead video teaser includes the welcome to the new city from its residents and the eventual fallout from taking aggressive actions to protect them, given Alexandria had shielded themselves from the outside world and all.

TWD fans should also be sure to tune into the premiere of Episode 100 on Season 8 of The Walking Dead on October 22, which begins the major story arc, All Out War.
[Featured Image by AMC]