Bizarre Developments In Chloe Ayling Kidnapping Case Have Many People Crying ‘Hoax’

Chloe Ayling, the British model who claims she was kidnapped and drugged in Milan, has many people wondering if the whole story was a hoax as bizarre new developments come to light.

Chloe Ayling had the world talking when the story broke that she had been kidnapped and drugged in Milan.

But now, new evidence has come to light that has everyone wondering. As it turns out, the alleged kidnapping victim was seen on a shopping trip with the man she says was her captor.

The original story was that Chloe Ayling had been lured to Milan under the guise of a modeling photo shoot, but that she soon found herself kidnapped and drugged, and hidden in a suitcase with the intention of being “sold online to the highest bidder,” according to Buzzfeed.

As for her release, the young model said that she was released when it became evident that she had a two-year-old child. She was released at Milan’s British consulate, where the alleged kidnapper – Polish citizen and British resident Lukasz Pawel Herba – was arrested.

“I have been through a terrifying experience. I feared for my life second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour.”

However, the story changed on her second day of questioning by Italian police. The authorities showed Ayling a statement from a salesperson who claims to have sold the purported kidnapping victim shoes during the time of the incident, and claims that Ayling was with her kidnapper during the shopping trip.

Chloe Ayling broke down after the shoe store witness’s statement was disclosed to her, admitting that she doesn’t have a “reasonable explanation” for the shopping trip with her captor, but that she agreed to go on a shopping trip because she thought it might be a possible way to escape.

Metro offered another piece of the puzzle, reporting that Chloe Ayling said that it was “thanks” to her kidnapper that she could gain her freedom, which is why she did not “rebel” during their shoe shopping trip.

Ayling also claims that she and her kidnapper shared a bed together for the entire six days of the ordeal, but that he didn’t “molest” her or “ask for sexual favors.” She did, however, mention that the captor watched her take a shower and “carried out a sex act” while watching.

She claims that part of the reason for her release is that she led him on to believe that she would have sex with him, or “become more intimate friends,” after the kidnapping was over.

Another Metro article reported that Chloe Ayling agreed to do a Page 3 photoshoot as her way of “dealing” with what had happened to her. The photoshoot came to light when her friend, Carla Belucci, who also runs a modeling agency, had asked Chloe to meet her on a certain day, but Chloe said she couldn’t as she had a photoshoot lined up.

“Maybe it’s her way of dealing with what’s happened to her.”

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