‘The Walking Dead’: Season 8 Will Be Full Of Surprises, Pollyanna McIntosh Teases [Spoilers]

The Walking Dead is wrapping up filming the midseason finale, even though the first episode will not air until this fall. What can fans expect from the characters? Recently, actress Pollyanna McIntosh, who plays Jadis, teased that Season 8 is full of surprises. What exactly did she mean by that statement?

TWD spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to know what could happen on the AMC series.

Pollyanna McIntosh recently told ComicBook.com that The Walking Dead Season 8 is going to be “chock full of surprises.” Although she has been sworn to secrecy and could not reveal spoilers, fans are speculating on what exactly that means.

“[Season 8 is] gonna be chock full of surprises. It’s gonna be chock full of action. They still have that wonderful nuance of morality and character that they do so well.”

The TWD actress also said that they are wrapping it up, referring to All-Out War. The website noted that in Robert Kirkman’s comic books, the battle only lasted 12 issues. On average, the televisions series covers just under 20 issues per season. With the war taking place when the show returns, that means it should be done and over with by the end of Season 8. That might explain why Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) looks like an old man in the trailer.

In The Walking Dead comic books, Rick tries to kill Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), but the villain survives. Unfortunately for Rick, Negan snaps his leg in two, forcing him to use a cane. In the comics, there is a time jump of a few years following the war. Fans should also expect in the future for Rick and Negan to team up to battle the Whisperers, which has been anticipated by fans for a few years now.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, expect there to be several episodes in a row of continuous action. The slowest pace is The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 5. However, showrunner Scott Gimple teased that it isn’t exactly slow, but at a quieter pace than Episodes 1 through 4. Then, the action will pick up again.

What do you think of what Pollyanna McIntosh teased about The Walking Dead Season 8?

[Featured Image by Gene Page/AMC]