‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Is Cody Nickson Potentially Dangerous To Other Houseguests, Would He Take A Swing?

Big Brother 19 fans watching the live feeds have seen Cody Nickson’s temper. On several occasions, viewers have seen him lose it in the blink of an eye. Now Cody’s potential for physical violence is in question with some of the houseguests.

The following will contain spoilers for Big Brother 19. If you don’t want to know what may make the editorial cut, stop reading now.

Everyone knows the cast this summer is a whacky mix. Some very strong personalities were put in the house, and some of them just can’t find a square of common ground – like Paul and Cody. They are both accustomed to being the leader, and neither is willing to share the limelight with the other.

Paul and Cody have had several tense moments between them. When Paul was HOH last week and nominated Jody for eviction, things escalated quickly. Social media weighed in giving support to each side. Cody has gained additional support because of his military career. While that is admirable, it also gives the other Big Brother 19 houseguests another reason to be concerned. He is military trained for hand-to-hand combat.

The Inquisitr reported a major blow-up this afternoon that involved Cody. It led to a discussion between Raven, Matt, and Elena at 2:31 p.m. PST, if you want to flashback on the live feeds. The trio discussed Josh having now made four threats inside the Big Brother 19 house.

If you want to flashback to 2:38 p.m. PST, you will see a similar conversation between Mark and Paul. Mark doesn’t think that Cody would actually go so far as to hit anyone in the Big Brother house, but Paul disagrees. He feels that is a possibility.


One of the concerns fans on social media bring up is that once Jessica is evicted, how will Cody handle the game? There are times that she calms him down, de-escalating a potentially bad situation. Without her in the game, he has said the other houseguests will have nothing to threaten him with because there is nothing left in there he cares about. Only time will tell if Cody is able to control his temper and play the game without his showmance.


There has been a lot of things going on in the Big Brother house this season that has fans concerned. The bullying is almost constant. Josh spent days of Paul’s HOH banging pots and pans and threatened to do it again this week. According to Big Brother Network, today production finally told him that it would not be tolerated anymore.

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