Dazed Malia Obama Seen On Video Being Carted Out Of Lollapalooza After Night Of Wild Dancing

A new video online shows a dazed Malia Obama being carted out of Lollapalooza in Chicago after a night of wild dancing. On Sunday, news broke that the 19-year-old daughter of former President Barack Obama was pulling some wild dance moves at the music festival Saturday night when The Killers played. Footage showed her pounding her hands on the ground, rolling in the grass, and headbanging.

TMZ published footage showing Malia Obama in a golf cart barely able to hold up her head as she was driven out of the festival. She was in the passenger seat looking out of it with two other people sitting in the back. A guy in a yellow coat was clearing the way so the cart could make its way through the crowd. Two videos at the bottom show Malia dancing and being carted out.

According to TMZ‘s earlier report, Malia was backstage at Lollapalooza the majority of the time with friends and later came out to the general area when The Killers played. The show she put on has gotten attention, to say the least. She’s making the most of her gap year with almost a month to go before she starts her studies at Harvard. As TMZ notes, the time lapse between when she was recorded dancing and when she was carted off is unknown, but she’s wearing the same clothes.

A source tells Page Six that Malia Obama lost her iPhone at the Lollapalooza festival. She reportedly didn’t remember her Apple ID and was unable to immediately get one because the White House set up her account. It sounds like a few extra steps were taken to get the phone replaced.

Malia isn’t the only one who had a fun time over the weekend. Her 16-year-old sister, Sasha Obama, was seen with a mystery guy also at Lollapalooza. The Inquisitr reported on the story and posted a photo of Sasha hanging out and kissing her purported boyfriend. The photo can be seen here.

Malia and Sasha Obama are two young women simply doing what most young adults their age do, but being public figures puts them in the spotlight. Many are outraged that people are judging Barack and Michelle Obama’s daughters and wish their privacy was better respected, especially since they no longer live in the White House. Despite this fact, the public is still intrigued with the Obamas and what the whole family is doing.

[Featured Image by Miriam May – Pool/Getty Images]