Javi Marroquin Trying To Keep Cool As Ex-Wife Gives Birth To Baby He Wanted

Javi Marroquin has just learned that Kailyn Lowry got pregnant one month after their divorce on Teen Mom 2. Javi discussed the matter with some friends that used to know her and they were as shocked as him. On her personal website, Lowry revealed that her doctor had told her to get pregnant now if she wanted to have another child as she may not be able to carry more children in the future. She got pregnant fast and it sounds like Marroquin was devastated at the news. These days, Javi is just trying to keep busy as news of Kailyn’s birth is trending on the internet.

According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquin is working on his personal life these days, as Kailyn is gushing over her new baby boy. One can imagine that he’s a bit devastated at the birth, as Marroquin really wanted another child with Lowry before their divorce. When they were married, she suffered a miscarriage and Javi has revealed that he was devastated to learn that he would not become a father a second time at that point. He has hinted that he wants more children when the time is right. Still, this may be the child that he was supposed to have with Lowry.

Who's watching the new episode tonight?! Almost time east coast!

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Fans are also very supportive of him as he’s sharing his feelings and perspectives on Teen Mom 2. While Lowry’s fans were supportive of her having another baby, many people feel that she rushed it and got pregnant too soon after their divorce. They don’t seem to care that she had a decision to make based on health advice from her doctor.

As for Marroquin, he’s staying busy with his training. He has been tweeting about how he is doing with his workouts and it sounds like he may have a problem with his shake consumption.

“That’s it. I’m limited to 2 shakes a day. Have 1 with breakfast and 1 immediately after my workout to hold me over to get home and eat,” Marroquin tweeted recently, sharing with his Teen Mom 2 followers that he is focusing on his body and his fitness, not on his ex-wife becoming a mother once again.

IHOP together is a Sunday tradition for the Marroquin boys

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No word on whether these two get along these days, but one can imagine he is a bit upset after learning that she was pregnant and after she has given birth.

What do you think about Javi Marroquin’s decision to limit his time talking about his ex-wife as she has just given birth? Do you think he is a bit devastated?

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