New ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ S4 Trailer Focuses On Recent Sexual Misconduct Scandal To Hype Up Interest

ABC is continuing to toy with the recent controversy surrounding the upcoming fourth season of Bachelor In Paradise in its just-released trailer.

Just one day after the Inquisitr reported on a promo for the romance-themed spin-off that appeared to exploit an alleged indecent interaction between contestants DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios back in June, a new preview for Bachelor In Paradise was released that seemingly clears all doubt that the network is indeed using the supposed incident as the main draw for viewers to tune in for the new season.

Writers for The Wrap note that the new Bachelor In Paradise trailer was shown during Monday night’s finale of The Bachelorette, and features footage leading up to the actual moment where production was shut down earlier this year to investigate claims that Jackson coerced an inebriated Corinne into a possibly unwanted sexual situation.

“In the trailer, Corinne arrives in ‘paradise’ and jumps into the pool with DeMario Jackson,” according to The Wrap.

“Later that night, Olympios and Jackson are pulled aside by producers and the camera men are asked to stop filming, while contestants on the show are confused as to what is going on.”

An unknown cast member is then heard asking producers, “Are Corinne and Mario okay?,” Wrap writers also note.

The Season 4 Bachelor In Paradise trailer can be seen below.

Jackson was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing and the show resumed production in Mexico a few weeks later without the involvement of the accused or Corinne, the Inquisitr explained on Monday (both will, however, reunite on a Bachelor In Paradise special, set to tape and air in the coming months).

Incidentally, the contention surrounding the previous peek into the new Bachelor In Paradise episodes early Monday was also closely tied to the Jackson/Olympios matter, but from the side of social media users who were “upset” at learning of the news of the show’s temporary shutdown earlier this year.

“ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey [told] reporters at the Television Critics Association panel that a promo for the show that was recently pulled, was not meant to exploit the ‘incident’ that occurred between Bachelor in Paradise cast mates Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson,” the Inquisitr shared.

bachelor in paradise trailer
The new Season 4 trailer for "Bachelor In Paradise" heavily focuses on an alleged incident between contestants Corinne Olympios and (not pictured) DeMario Jackson. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

Writers for USA Today note that “Dungey also revealed that an investigation into the incident, which temporarily shut down production of Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico, concluded that no wrongdoing occurred, but that the charges ‘brought to light some safety issues that we want to be on top of.'”

As such, all Bachelor In Paradise contestants from here on out will only be allowed to consume a maximum of two alcoholic drinks per day during filming. Since the trailer’s release, Jackson has stated that he is “glad” the footage is out.

[Featured Image by Warner Bros. Television Distribution]