‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Cody May Self-Evict, Go Home With Jessica At Thursday’s Eviction – Live Feed Update

The latest Big Brother 19 spoilers reveal that the writing is on the wall for Jessica to be evicted this week but the big question is whether Cody will walk out of the BB19 house with his showmance partner. A conversation between lovers (and possibly future parents of the first Big Brother in-house pregnancy baby) on Monday showed Jessica and Cody in an intense conversation based on their assumption that she will likely be evicted this week. Cody offered to make the ultimate sacrifice and give up his game to be with his lady love Jessica. Here’s what happened.

Poolside chat hints at Cody BB19 self-eviction

Last week, Jessica and Cody debated self-eviction while under duress from near-constant harassment from the rest of the houseguests and seemed ready to walk. Jessica told Cody that her apartment was just six minutes from the CBS Big Brother set and she had beer and a puppy there. Big Brother 19 spoilers also hinted that production talked Jessica away from her and Cody’s plans to self-evict. Jessica was called to the Diary Room, and everything changed when she came out. Jessica told Cody the woman was very nice to her. Some BB19 rumors suggest Jessica might have been offered an incentive to stick around.

But now, with Jessica sure to be evicted according to the latest likely vote count tracked by Big Brother Network, Cody and Jessica reconsidered plans for their future. While expressing her wish that she wants to skip to Thursday so the eviction vote and stress would be over, Jessica asked Cody to throw away his game for her. You can see the video clip above from the CBS BB19 live feeds, but the exchange went like this:

Jessica asked, “Can you just leave with me?”

Cody replied, “If you want me to. I’ll f**king walk out the door. You think I’m afraid?”

Jessica paused a beat, smiled and told Cody, “You’re really cute.”

Cody said, “I’m being serious.”

A while later, Jessica asked if he will be okay in the Big Brother house without her and he said he’d be “inside his head” and won’t do much talking. Cody also said they would only have six weeks apart after she leaves and there are “worse things” in his life. Cody also told her he would have loved to spend the rest of summer with her in the jury house.


Cody also added that with Jessica gone, there is nothing left the houseguests can use to threaten him. Cody also talked about his intent to win the next Head of Household comp and go from there. The conversation wound on for a while but since Cody had mentioned before that he was happy since he’d earned enough to get his truck fixed, the rest didn’t matter.

The bottom line is that we won’t know until the Thursday, August 10 Big Brother 19 live eviction whether Cody gets so emotional about Jessica’s eviction that he walks out the door with her. Given Cody’s volatility and how the two have been joined at the hip in the BB19 house, anything is possible. Cody might still self-evict if he can’t face life in Big Brother without Jessica.


Six votes locked against Jessica for eviction from Big Brother 19

As of the latest Big Brother Network headcount of votes from the live feeds, there are six votes to evict Jessica and possibly even seven. Of the eight votes available on eviction night, only Cody won’t vote for Jessica. The alliance of Alex, Christmas, Jason, Kevin, Matthew, and Paul will vote to oust Jessica. The only vote up in the air seems to be Mark.

Cody is most likely to vote against Raven over Elena. Mark won’t vote for Elena since he’s crushing on her despite repeated rejections so he could vote for either Raven since he doesn’t like her, or Jessica but if he wants to reassure the other houseguests he’s allied with them, he could vote to send Jessica out too. But even without Mark’s help, Jessica will be headed out of BB19 on Thursday night.

What do you think? Will Cody throw away his shot at $500k to follow Jessica out the door? Realistically, if Cody doesn’t win Thursday night’s HoH, he might be just one week behind her, which is the last thing Cody wants because that would leave him in the jury house for the rest of the summer with houseguests that he says he hates. Check back soon for more on Kevin’s Christmas crush and other Big Brother 19 spoilers!

[Featured Image by Monty Brinton/CBS]