WWE Adds Really Strange Gimmick Match To ‘SummerSlam’

The card for SummerSlam is building up more by the day, and with less than two weeks until the pay-per-view, WWE has added a really strange gimmick match. It seemed almost entirely too clear that Big Show and Big Cass were heading for a fight at some point, and that match was made official last night on Monday Night Raw. The strange part of this whole thing is that Enzo Amore is going to be locked in a shark cage and hanging high above the ring.

Ever since Big Cass and Enzo Amore split up as a team, they have still been associated with one another in matches and other segments on Monday Night Raw. Amore is no contest for Big Cass in a match, and that has been proven on a number of occasions already.

So, Enzo went out and became good friends with Big Show, and a match against Cass has been brewing for a while now. As recapped by the official website of WWE, the match was made official on last night’s Monday Night Raw, and the two giants will battle it out against one another, but there is going to be a unique stipulation.

Enzo Amore is going to be locked in a shark cage and elevated high above the ring.

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A match between Big Show and Big Cass makes a lot of sense since the two have had issues for a while, but it’s just odd to have Enzo in a shark cage. For one, the tag team has been split up for a while now, and Cass has shown that he’s going to be the more successful one.

The second issue at hand is that even if Enzo Amore interferes in a match, he’s shown that he can’t have much of an effect. As Sportskeeda even reported, Cass has been doing well at holding his own against a veteran such as Big Show and when Enzo is around, he’s just more of a nuisance than anything.

All that is being accomplished by locking Enzo Amore in a shark cage is granting Big Cass his request that he asked for from Raw General Manager Kurt Angle.

wwe news summerslam card shark cage match big cass show enzo amore

One of the last matches to include a shark cage was back at the Royal Rumble where Kevin Owens retained the WWE Universal Championship by defeating Roman Reigns.

At the time, Chris Jericho and Owens were the best of friends and always helped one another win their matches. Owens and Reigns were in a No Disqualification Match which meant having Jericho elevated high above in the shark cage would keep him from interfering.

Enzo Amore is no Chris Jericho.

SummerSlam is being built into a huge event as WWE wants it to be seen as the second biggest pay-per-view of the year, but some match choices are questionable. Announcing gimmick matches is a good way to do that, but this Shark Cage Match between Big Cass and Big Show is kind of a strange choice. Fans have started to care less and less about Enzo Amore ever since the tag team split, and it’s hard to think there will be more enthusiasm down the road.

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