Tinsley Mortimer Talks Her ‘F You’ Party For Sonja Morgan

Tinsley Mortimer may be new to The Real Housewives of New York, but she isn’t interested in dealing with any drama at all. Tinsley was shocked and surprised that she found her name in the press after having lived with Sonja Morgan for a couple of weeks. Mortimer moved in with Sonja after returning to New York, and she wanted to stay with Sonja until she could find a place to live. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to live downtown or on the Upper East Side.

According to a new Bravo report, Tinsley Mortimer is now opening up about her feelings after learning that Sonja may have planted a story about her in Page Six. In the story, Tinsley was being portrayed as someone who was ungrateful for having a place to stay and was being very rude to Sonja. Mortimer was shocked about the story because she didn’t feel she had been rude. She felt she was being watched by Morgan, who was treating her like her daughter. She was living in Sonja’s daughter’s room and had been living under the watchful eye of Morgan. She knew who Tinsley was going to dinner with and how she was spending her time.

“I was so appreciative of this offer and still am, because she really changed my life. I did not, however, expect her to feel the liberty to speak poorly of me to others. I don’t even know how it started, but somehow everything went off the tracks with us. I hate being in a fight, but I think by trying to not intrude in Sonja’s space or get in her way at her house, I hurt her feelings. For this, I am truly sorry, but the fact remains that she did speak ill of me and this upset me. So once I realized that it was she who somehow initiated the Page Six article, my Thank You party was tinged with a touch of F You,” Tinsley pointed out on her Bravo blog about Morgan.

As it turns out, Tinsley Mortimer knows that Sonja has been gracious in bringing her in and giving her a place to stay in New York as she wanted to start over. Of course, Tinsley had been staying with Morgan for free, and she felt she was showing her gratitude in various ways. Morgan didn’t feel the same way, and she spoke about Tinsley in the press.

Mortimer doesn’t understand how she could hurt Sonja’s feelings simply by going out for dinner with her friends, seeing people, and even finding a boyfriend. Perhaps Morgan felt neglected, but she wasn’t a babysitter.

No word on whether Tinsley Mortimer has moved out of Sonja’s home and how they are doing today. Surely, this will be discussed on the upcoming Real Housewives of New York reunion special. It has been filmed and will air on Bravo in just a few weeks.

What do you think of Tinsley Mortimer’s party for Sonja?

[Featured Image by Mike Pont/Getty Images]