‘Fixer Upper’ Lawsuit Against Stars Chip And Joanna Gaines Has Been Dismissed

A few weeks ago, Daron Farmer petitioned the court to get $1 million from Chip and Joanna Gaines, who are best known for their work on the hit HGTV show Fixer Upper. Now, however, there’s a bit of good news: the so-called “Fixer Upper lawsuit” has been dismissed.

According to KBTX-TV, the Fixer Upper lawsuit was filed in the 414th State District Court in Waco, TX. According to the claim, the Gaines’ put up a fence that blocked Farmer’s access to his property, which was right next to the Magnolia Market. What’s more, the Gaines’ were charging customers $10 to park there, which further blocked his access to his property.

However, when the Gaines’ agreed to purchase the property, the Fixer Upper lawsuit was dismissed.

“I’m glad that Chip and I were able to resolve the case peacefully and remove it from the court system,” Farmer said Friday. “Chip and I today are in good standing.” Farmer declined to reveal the purchase price, but sources with knowledge of the situation said the Gaines paid just less than $1 million for the property. The McLennan County Appraisal District shows Silos LLC as the property’s owner and lists the market value of the site at just less than $777,000. The Gaines’ spokesman, Brock Murphy, didn’t respond to a request for a comment.”

The dismissal of the Fixer Upper lawsuit is a bit of good news for the couple, who have been in the news for all the wrong reasons as of late. Recently, according to the Blaze, the rumors have been swirling that Chip and Joanna Gaines — who have been married for a long time and have four children together — are getting divorced.

It wasn’t clear where the rumors got started, but Chip Gaines immediately shut down the rumors in one Tweet.

“It won’t ever happen,” he wrote, “and you can take that to the bank!”

This isn’t the first time that the couple has had to weather controversy — and, in fact, the article clearly recalls the time that Chip and Joanna Gaines weathered a firestorm of controversy when it was revealed that, as devout Christians, they attended a church wherein the pastor proclaimed, rather loudly, that homosexuality was a sin.

It doesn’t seem as though the now-dismissed Fixer Upper lawsuit is getting Chip and Joanna Gaines down, though, and nor does it seem to be affecting their business. According to KWXT-TV in Texas, the couple, who also now own a bed and breakfast, are finding a great deal of success with this venture. In fact, as of right now, the Hillcrest Estate is completely booked until the end of the year!

“A new Magnolia vacation property, the Hillcrest Estate, started to take reservations at 9 a.m. Tuesday and it filled up fast. In less than 45 minutes, the landmark house, which rents for $995 a night with a minimum rental of two nights, was booked for the remainder of the year.”

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[Featured Image by HGTV]