NBA Trade Rumors: Former Cavaliers’ General Manager Believes Kyrie Irving Will Be Traded

News regarding Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving and his trade request (courtesy of ESPN) came out over two weeks ago, however, nothing has taken place. NBA teams have lined up trying to put together trade proposals for Kyrie Irving since the trade request was revealed.

Kyrie Irving has been involved in several NBA trade rumors, leading many to think that he will eventually be dealt to another team. One former member of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ front office is also a believer that Kyrie Irving will be traded.

David Griffin was instrumental in putting together the Cleveland Cavaliers’ team that has gone to three consecutive NBA Finals. He has been given a huge amount of praise for making some difficult decisions as the Cavaliers’ general manager. One of those decisions was to fire head coach (courtesy of the Cleveland Plain Dealer) David Blatt midway into the 2015-16 season. Assistant coach Tyronn Lue was hired to replace Blatt.

At the time, the move was controversial because the Cleveland Cavaliers had the Eastern Conference’s best record. Inserting Lue into the head coach’s role lit a fire under the Cavaliers. Led by LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, they would eventually go on to win the NBA championship over the Golden State Warriors that season.

Kyrie Irving drives to the basket for a layup.
Former Cleveland Cavaliers' executive David Griffin believes that Kyrie Irving will get traded before the NBA season starts. [Image by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]

David Griffin was released by the Cavaliers in late June, according to the Journal Gazzette. His ouster happened despite receiving support from Cavaliers stars LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. Aside from interviewing with a couple of NBA teams regarding their front office vacancies, Griffin has been quiet up until recently.

The former Cavaliers’ general manager spoke about the NBA trade rumors involving Kyrie Irving. Griffin believes that the trade rumors will come to fruition. He has a hunch that Kyrie Irving will be traded (courtesy of Sporting News).

When asked about the subject of Kyrie Irving’s trade request on ESPN’s The Jump, Griffin offered the NBA all-star a lot of praise.

“He handled the situation exactly like he was supposed to. He went to [Cavs owner] Dan Gilbert privately, told him that he thought he would be happier somewhere else.”

During the interview, David Griffin goes on to state that Kyrie Irving feels he is in Cavaliers superstar LeBron James’ shadow.

“I see this as him looking for a fit for himself, to take the next step in his career. I think this is a guy who wants to know how good he can be. LeBron casts a very large shadow over an organization.”

With about six weeks to go before NBA training camp begins, the Cleveland Cavaliers have time to sift through trade offers for Irving. Some of the trade offers the Cavaliers were rumored to have received are intriguing.


One of the most promising offers the Cavaliers have received for Kyrie Irving comes from the Phoenix Suns.

According to the Arizona Republic, the Suns have offered Eric Bledsoe, Dragan Bender, and a draft pick for Irving. Other rumored offers for Irving have come at least five other NBA teams.

Thus far, there are no reports about Kyrie Irving confirming or denying his trade request. Everything appears to be gaining traction behind the scenes regarding a Kyrie Irving deal.

There is some time for Kyrie Irving to sit down with the Cavaliers’ front office in an effort to settle their differences. Competing for another NBA championship is at stake, and the Cavaliers are better with Irving than without him.

Were David Griffin still employed with the Cleveland Cavaliers, he would be involved in those talks with Kyrie Irving, but he is on the outside this time. However, he is an outsider with intimate knowledge about Kyrie Irving and the inner workings of the Cavaliers. Griffin believes that Kyrie Irving will get his wish.

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