Is Jessa Duggar Using Blanket Training On Second Baby With Husband Ben Seewald?

Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, recently uploaded a bunch of pictures of their second baby on the family blog. Baby Henry turned six-months-old this week, and the couple showed off just how much their son has grown ever since he came into the world in February. Unbeknownst to them, it looks like some of the photos are generating scandal amongst Jill & Jessa: Counting On fans, who noticed that the mother of two is using blanket training on her kids.

For those who don’t know, blanket training is a method of disciplining kids that the Duggars are known for using. According to InTouch Weekly, it teaches the baby to stay on the blanket.

“Babies are placed on a blanket and if they attempt to roll over or crawl off the edge, parents are instructed to hit their child with a flexible ruler or another instrument,” the article reports. “After a while, the child will learn not to venture off the blanket.”

This way of training kids has been deemed cruel by most of the fans. So the Duggars no longer post pictures of blanket training, but followers have suspected the family continued their child rearing techniques.

In one of the many pictures that Jessa and Ben uploaded on their family blog shows baby Henry wrapped in a blanket, which was noticed by one of their fans.

“Looks like Jessa is using the blanket training too,” a fan called Sam Cornel commented.

While blanket training is full of controversy, it looks like baby Henry’s parents have nothing but love for their second son.

“Our precious Henry is nearly 20lbs and only half a year old already,” they wrote on the blog. “He is hitting so many new milestones — he loves rolling all over the place, sitting up, and passing toys from hand to hand. He’s such a sweet, smiley little guy! We’re so thankful to God for the blessing he is to our family!”

Happy Henry ????

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Another thing that Jill & Jessa: Counting On viewers are noticing is just how rotund Jessa’s second baby is. Especially compared to his older brother, Spurgeon Seewald, Henry is very large for his age.

“I can’t get over how plump and healthy he is,” a fan wrote. “I bet he is going to be very slim and tall when he gets older. Such a happy baby.”

Baby Henry is so big that he is almost the size of his older brother, who is 15 months older than he is.

Ever since she got married in 2015, Jessa has been busy starting a family of her own. She has been able to share the experience of becoming of a wife and a mother with her older sister, Jill Duggar, who also has two baby boys of her own. They have a spin-off TLC show called Jill & Jessa: Counting On.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]