Poll: Nearly Three-Quarters Of Americans Distrust Trump, More Than Half Say He’s Lowered Stature of Presidency

A brutal new CNN poll shows that nearly three-quarters of Americans feel that they can’t trust the Trump administration and more than half believe that President Trump has tarnished the stature of the U.S. presidency.

The poll, which was released on Tuesday (Aug. 8), also puts Trump’s approval rating at just 38 percent — the lowest it has ever been in a CNN poll. Fifty-six percent say they disapprove of the president’s job performance.

The dismal approval numbers come as Trump hits the six-month mark in the White House. They are the lowest ever recorded by a president after the same period in office, and six points lower than the numbers of the previous record holder, Bill Clinton, in 1993.

According to ABC News, Trump’s inner circle believes that his support is eroding among his core supporters — working-class white voters and evangelicals — which is why he has been upping his attacks on the “Fake News” media and staging rallies before his most raucous supporters in recent days.

President Trump at West Virginia rally
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However, according to the CNN poll, Trump’s bombastic communication style, which is often conducted on Twitter, is starting to become tiresome to more and more of the country. For example, 55 percent of those polled said that Trump has “lowered that stature of the office of the president,” while only 17 percent believe that he has raised it. Meanwhile, 73 percent of those polled have a hard time trusting official White House communications, with 30 percent trusting none of it and 43 percent trusting only some of it. Sixty-two percent of those polled said that Trump’s actions as president have made them less confident that he is fit for the job, compared to 31 percent who say his conduct has made them more confident.

President Trump exits Air Force One in the rain
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The poll also digs more deeply into Trump’s tweets. While 70 percent of Americans say that Twitter allows the president to speak directly to them without media interference, they do not think that he uses the platform wisely. For example, 63 percent believe his tweets are misleading, and 60 percent say they are easy to misunderstand. Meanwhile, 72 percent think his tweets send the wrong message to other world leaders. Just 10 percent of Americans say they have bothered to share any of his tweets on social media.

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