‘Big Brother 19’ Schedules Another Special Friday Night Episode: Battle Back, Double Eviction, Or A Concert?

Big Brother 19 fans know to “expect the unexpected,” and this season has been full of twists. When looking at the upcoming air times, CBS has again scheduled a Friday night show. Let’s take a look at the possibilities of what this means for your favorite houseguest.

The following may contain spoilers for Big Brother 19. If you want to be surprised by the possibilities, stop reading now.

We have two sources that tell us an extra show has been scheduled for Friday, August 18. Big Brother Network reported that there will be a show airing on that date. Of course, fans are weighing in on Twitter to ponder what may be coming. The article suggested a possible airing of a concert that was taped earlier this week. Some fans have tweeted back thinking it may be either a Battle Back or CBS riding the wave of high ratings Big Brother 19 is having.

TV Guide confirms that Big Brother 19 has a spot on Friday at 7 p.m. CST. The description for the show says the new HOH will be getting their room on that episode. With that being a Thursday night event, and usually seen on Sunday, this is out of sequence. Could it be that the double eviction the Big Brother houseguests have wondered about is set to happen? If that were the case on Thursday, August 17, the houseguests would take a break before competing for the Head of Household. This may be what fans see on the special show, just as TV Guide says.


Since Cody battled back into the Big Brother 19 house, there has only been one eviction. Ramses left the house and the game. The next eviction was halted with the hex held by Jessica. While Big Brother production may have planned to have a second Battle Back, with the eviction halted, there are not enough participants at this time.


What do you think is coming on the special Friday night show? Do you think fans will see the Big Brother houseguests enjoy Ziggy Marley in the backyard? Could it be a double eviction that causes the Head of Household to be postponed for a day? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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