‘Project Runway’ News: Makeup Artist From New Beauty Sponsor, Avon, Reveals Season 16 Styling Stories

“Make it work” Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn has announced that the theme of Season 16 is “diversity” and the new beauty sponsor for the show is Avon. On Sunday, Tim Gunn attended Avon’s RepFest in Nashville to announce to an enthusiastic crowd about Avon’s involvement with the Lifetime show. What sorts of unique challenges and creative solutions do the Project Runway makeup artists experience on crazy runway days?

Celebrated makeup artist Hector Simancas worked on the show this season and spoke to Us Magazine about his experience on Project Runway. Fashion-forward fans know that makeup and styling can make or break a judge’s opinion. This is especially true with Nina Garcia, who will comment on styling before she comments on fashion. What did this makeup professional have to say?

He began by explaining that when all 16 designers are preparing for the runway, they only spend about two minutes per model. Surprisingly, not all designers are interested or prepared to talk about makeup when putting together the entire look. However, he added that by the end of the season, there were designers that were willing to get “riskier.”

Simancas explained that the makeup artists have no idea what the weekly challenge is, so when the designers come up with their model, the Avon professionals have all of four minutes to come up with a look. Being creative and spontaneous with the innovative Avon makeup is key to creating a fashion-forward look.

“It’s really crazy! At one point we used eyeshadow and mixed it with water to create an eyeliner, and we created a mascara using eyeshadow, too.”

Despite the makeup artist’s experience and knowledge of the latest beauty trends, designers will occasionally disagree with the makeup artists. Simancas explains that they will try to steer the designer in one direction, but he admits that in the end, this is the designer’s vision.

“There was a little bit of argument between a designer and me about a look. He didn’t agree with what I suggested. But in the end it’s a competition, so it’s their look. I can suggest and I can be part of the whole idea. I always try to guide them to the best look that I think can fit the clothing. But I have to give them what they want.”

During the season, Avon will have its own challenge, and Simancas promises “it’s going to be very emotional. It’s going to be a lot of drama and a lot of beautiful looks!” Sounds like tissues must be nearby!

According to the Avon website, there are over 6 million active sales representatives in 70 countries. On Thursday, CNN reported that Avon CEO Sheri McCoy announced she will be leaving in March after a turbulent five years at the helm of the 131-year-old company.

During her tenure, the company has lost significant value. Avon “is now worth just $1.5 billion. To put that in perspective, Avon rival Coty had offered to buy the company for $10 billion in 2012 just before McCoy took over.”

The weekly exposure on Project Runway will only be a positive for the millions of sales representatives seeking new customers. Showcasing their makeup in a fashion-forward light can only reflect positively on the brand and could help improve the company standing.

The diversity theme for 2017 Project Runway includes models between the sizes of two and 22, and every week, there will be designers creating garments for plus-size models.

Just last week, J.C. Penney announced their own extensive involvement with the show, as well as a preview collection designed by Season 15 winner Erin Robertson.

Are you surprised that the models only get two minutes to get their makeup done? Are you looking forward to Project Runway Season 16?

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]