August 8, 2017
New Court Date For 'RHOA' Star Kim Zolciak After She's A No-Show In Holiday Decorator Lawsuit

RHOA star Kim Zolciak Biermann seems to be going through a rough patch with odd behavior and reported financial problems causing her to sell off some of her belongings, but a legal problem hanging over her head had to be delayed because she and husband Kroy were a no-show for her court date. A decorator who specializes in holiday decor has filed a lawsuit against Kim and Kroy alleging that the Biermanns stiffed them. Seasonal Designs LLC says that Zolciak and Biermann have not paid the $6,000 bill, which was due in February.

Reports of Kim and Kroy's financial woes started when Kroy Biermann was let go from his NFL team, the Buffalo Bills, and no other team picked him up. Next, Kim Zolciak, who said she would not return to RHOA, signed back on. But the biggest hint that something was up in the Zolciak-Biermann household was Kim selling some of the family's large-ticket items on Instagram. Kim Zolciak posted what seemed to be an advertisement for a large boat, a 2012 Cobalt, which she claimed was nearly new. The RHOA star was asking $170,000 on Instagram and asking that only serious buyers contact her.

About returning to RHOA, she said that everyone has a price.

"Everything has a price. I'm just giving it to you straight. Given the right amount of money for anything? Yeah, count me in. I like to work. I have six children to support, so for sure!"
RHOA star Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann were supposed to meet with their lawyers, a magistrate, and Seasonal Designs, LLC for a mediation hearing in advance of a trial in Fulton County, Georgia, on July 31, but Zolciak and Biermann didn't show. The owners of Seasonal Designs says that the meeting had to be canceled, but it has now been rescheduled.

"They canceled the first mediation. I just got a notice that it is rescheduled for the 22nd."

The owners of Seasonal Designs says that they were forced to file the lawsuit after Zolciak and Biermann stiffed them for the full bill of $6,000. Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann say that they are disputing the total dollar amount, but they have not paid any amount on the outstanding bill.

In the past, Zolciak has been sued by a party planner, a babysitter, and a housekeeper for lack of payment. Zolciak and Biermann are due back in court on August 22 in an attempt to avoid a trial.

But while it is true that Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann have had a stressful summer, with one of their children being attacked by one of their own dogs, Kim has been on Instagram and Twitter, not only selling boats but joking with John Legend's wife, Chrissy Teigen, about who her daughter Brielle would have to service to get John Legend tickets.

"@chrissyteigen sooo ur hubby is comin to ATL may19 & Kash is beyond OBSESSED w him! who does Brielle have to blow in order to meet him?? LOL"

Teigen replied that nobody needs to go that far for John Legend tickets.

"Plz don't blow anyone it's not that good of a show. Jk it's good but I'll get you tix without the oral."


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But fans had a harsher reaction, telling RHOA star Kim Zolciak that she could simply go to Ticketmaster like everyone else because tickets were still available rather than "pimping out your daughter."

While most people assumed that Kim Zolciak was joking, they still thought the post was skeevy.

"Like you Kim but that is seriously gross pretty sure you shouldn't suggest the idea even if it is a joke?"

Why do you think RHOA star Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann didn't show up to court if they want to dispute their decorator's bill? Do you think the RHOA are having financial problems?

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