David Spade sells out dead buddy Chris Farley shilling DirecTV

I thought perhaps I was the only one who found this commercial to be in horrendous taste, but apparently Gawker did, too.

David Spade, whose buddy films and general camaraderie with SNL castmate Chris Farley arguably carried the show through the mid to late 90s, doesn’t seem to be doing much these days. But he still has time to trot out the memory of Farley in a really sad and creepy way in a DirecTV commercial. Spade does a bit interspliced with Farley’s “fat guy in a little coat” performance in Tommy Boy. I caught this spot during last night’s Yankees game and was really, really surprised that it was allowed to happen. It even seemed crass to hear Spade refer to Farley as “tons of fun,” insulting a dead man out of the context of the film from over a decade ago.

Granted, the Spade/Farley stuff from the 90s hasn’t aged well, but it cracked me up when the two dominated SNL and this commercial definitely sours future watchings of Tommy Boy for me. Sad. (And shameless.)