What Will Happen Now To Jaime Lannister On ‘Game Of Thrones’?

A riveting battle ensued during Sunday night’s Game of Thrones episode, and Jaime Lannister was almost incinerated after trying to slay the Mother of Dragons. The last scene of “The Spoils of War” showed Jaime sinking into the dark lake just beside the field where his army was defeated by the Dothraki warriors.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Nikolaj Coster-Waldeau said that he felt bad that Drogon “comes along and incinerates thousands and thousands of men who are just doing their job.”

Seeing the dire state of his men, Jaime tried to kill Daenerys Targaryen. Coster-Waldeau expectedly remained hush if his character would survive but for him, things are “not going to end well” for the Kingslayer.

Some have brought up the possibility of Jaime dying. Did he simply give up because what would have been a major victory turned out to be a devastating fate for the Lannister soldiers?

However, some think that if he was meant to die in that episode, being devoured by Drogon would be a far grander way to perish. It is likely for Jaime to go back to King’s Landing and face the wrath of his despotic sister. It would be interesting to see how Cersei would take the epic loss.

Jaime and Bronn might be captured as well by the Dothraki and be imprisoned in Dragonstone. This angle is similarly an intriguing opportunity for Jaime and Tyrion to reunite. Will Tyrion – despite his allegiance to Daenerys – save his big brother who once rescued him from Cersei?

It is possible too for Jaime to turn his back on Cersei and join Daenerys’ side after being disgusted by what his sister did to the Great Sept of Baelor. Coster-Waldau further said in the EW interview that Jaime considers Daenerys as “the hero and the Lannisters are the villains.”

Jaime nearly died but was saved by Bronn
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Meanwhile, hackers who have shared unreleased scripts of Game of Thrones are demanding a “clear and non-negotiable” ransom payment from HBO.

According to Wired, the hackers claim to possess 1.5 terabytes’ worth of data. The latest leaked documents were marked “HBO is falling” and contained legal information, company files, and even contact sheets of some Game of Thrones actors.


The ransom note was addressed to the network’s chief executive, Richard Pepler. Although the hackers did not fully disclose the amount they were asking for, they wrote that “HBO spends $12m for market research and $5m for [Game of Thrones series seven] advertisements,” that’s why a budget should be allotted to them too.

HBO remains firm that its email system hasn’t been compromised.

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