Usher’s Alleged Victim Quantasia Sharpton Claims She ‘Needs Money’ Days Before Press Con, Fans Doubt Her Story

Usher continues to face controversy with new STD lawsuits from three individuals, one of whom is Quantasia Sharpton, also known as Angel Valentino.

On Monday, celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom held a news conference with Sharpton, one of the three plaintiffs accusing R&B singer Usher of exposing them of herpes. During the press conference, Quantasia shared how she met the singer and ended up having sex with him.

Apparently, Sharpton was celebrating her 19th birthday at Usher’s concert when the singer spotted her in the crowd. The alleged victim claimed that Usher’s security got her number, explaining that singer is interested in her.

Shortly after the concert, Quantasia said Usher called her and asked where she’s staying. Eventually, the singer dropped by her hotel room, where the alleged sexual activity took place.

Sharpton also revealed that Usher did not inform her about his herpes infection prior to sexual intercourse, adding that she wouldn’t have done it if she knew about his condition.

However, despite the plaintiff’s detailed story, many have been questioning her authenticity, especially after reading some of her social media posts prior to her lawsuit against Usher.

In an exclusive report by TMZ, it has been revealed that Quantasia doesn’t go by her real name online and uses aliases, such as Angel Valentino. According to Sharpton, she opted for an alias because her real name is too “ghetto” and “hard to pronounce.”


The news outlet also noted that the plaintiff made some intriguing posts on Facebook, including one proclaiming she was hard up for cash.

On Monday, exactly one week before her news conference, Sharpton posted, “I need some money,” along with sad and crying emojis.

A few hours before the conference, Quantasia also wrote, “Enjoying my last couple of hours as a regular girl,” perhaps referring to the onslaught of media attention she was going to receive from her controversial claims.

Interestingly, attorney Bloom herself admitted that she doesn’t know for sure if Usher really has herpes. TMZ reported that Bloom merely cited news reports that the singer was diagnosed with herpes and settled a lawsuit for $1.1 million a few years ago.

Bloom also reiterated that Quantasia tested negative for herpes but still feels violated.

So far, Usher has yet to address the lawsuits filed against him. It remains unclear whether he really suffers from herpes.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]