Audrey Roloff Receives Flak Over Molly’s Wedding Uploads, Do ‘LPBW’ Fans Think She Tried To Upstage The Bride?

Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff is fond of updating her social media followers on a consistent basis. During the recently held wedding of Molly Roloff at Roloff Farms, however, Audrey took her time before sharing photos of the event with her hundreds of thousands of social media followers. Unfortunately for Audrey, her recent Facebook uploads have polarized LPBW fans, with many stating that the images she uploaded were of poor taste.

Molly’s Facebook and Instagram accounts were remarkably silent on Saturday, the day of Molly’s wedding. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, most members of the Roloff family — including Jacob’s girlfriend Isabel Rock — updated their social media followers immediately after Molly’s celebration. Audrey, however, waited until Sunday before she posted an update about the event on her social media accounts.

Interestingly, Audrey’s Facebook and Instagram post about Molly’s big day featured a photo that was not of the bride and groom. Instead, Audrey’s official greeting to her sister-in-law featured an image of herself and Jeremy Roloff kissing. While Audrey’s caption of the photo focused on the bride and groom, many commenters on the reality TV star’s update stated that the post would have been better if it showed Molly Roloff and her new husband, Joel Silvius, instead.

“So instead of posting a pic of the married couple, you post one of yourself and Jeremy?” one Facebook commenter wrote.

“Not trying to cause trouble or be rude, but she made it about herself,” wrote another commenter.

Things only got more interesting on Audrey’s Facebook page after Sunday’s update. On Monday, the LPBW star posted a series of photos from the wedding with the caption, “When two become one.”

Just like her first post, however, the images Audrey uploaded caused a number of her followers in the social media platform to air their criticisms.

Audrey posted nine photos from last Saturday’s wedding. From the set of images, only two of them featured the bride and groom. The rest was focused once more on the LPBW couple. Audrey’s update was filled with so many pictures of herself and Jeremy that a number of her Facebook followers actually ended up getting confused. Some commenters even mistook the images from Molly’s big day for photos taken during Audrey and Jeremy’s wedding.

Like her first update after the celebration, many of Audrey’s social media followers found the reality TV star’s choice of images quite unsavory. Some even went so far as to say that by uploading more images of herself instead of the bride, Audrey came across as someone attempting to steal Molly’s thunder.

“The celebration should be for Molly and Joel. This is in poor taste to try and steal her thunder,” one of Audrey’s Facebook followers wrote.

“Rule #1. NEVER upstage the bride,” another commenter wrote.

Despite the many criticisms, however, Audrey Roloff’s Facebook fans have rallied behind the reality TV star, with many stating that the lack of photos of the bride and groom were probably the result of Molly Roloff’s wishes. Molly, after all, is known to be notoriously private.

“I’m sure she’s respecting Molly’s wishes. Molly wanted to keep this day private,” one commenter wrote.

“Why be critical? We already know that Molly is very private & didn’t want the wedding to be part of the show. Perhaps they just wanted to support her, & give her the privacy she requested,” wrote another.

What do you think about Audrey’s photos of Molly’s wedding? Did the Little People, Big World star really make her posts all about herself, or is she just being a good sister-in-law?

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Facebook]