Woman Beheaded 4-Year-Old Daughter, Seeks Early Release From Mental Hospital After Declaring Herself Sane

Warning: Some readers might find this article disturbing.

A mother who beheaded her 4-year-old daughter believes she is sane and should be released from the hospital.

Marci Webber was found not guilty by reason of insanity after stabbing her youngest child, Magdalene Webber, to death in 2010. The mother of three, who had a long history of mental problems, had drugged the young girl with Benadryl before severing her throat with a four-inch knife. Her lacerations were so deep that they ended up grazing the young girl’s spine. Magdalene was killed less than a month after her fourth birthday when her mother had dressed her as the Little Mermaid.

Webber, who was 43-years-old at the time, believed that she was saving her daughter from being trafficked as a sex slave online. In her mind, the only way to save Magdalene was to kill her. Webber believed that the human traffickers were Satanists and were on the verge of capturing her daughter, which would have cast her soul into eternal hell.

Prosecutors say even though Magdalene had been drugged, there was the likelihood that she woke up as her throat was cut by her mother because of the enormity of the pain.

Webber had gone on to scribble words about the devil and evading evil with Maggie’s blood on the bathroom wall. The Illinois woman had also set up a recording device to capture the sounds of angels carrying her and Magdalene to heaven. According to CBS Chicago, Webber wanted to commit suicide and slashed her wrists and throat.


But she survived.

The grisly crime was discovered by Webber’s eldest daughter, Mallory, who was told by her mother that her sister was sleeping. The 18-year-old girl at the time had found her little sister’s body in a bathtub brimming with blood and called 911.

The presiding judge in Webber’s trial would later sentence her to a psychiatric hospital for 100 years.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Webber is seeking an early exit from a Chicago mental hospital citing good behavior, adding that she no longer poses any risk to people. The Illinois woman disclosed that she took full responsibility for her actions, pointing out it was the consequence of too much dependence on psychotic medications and a slew of antidepressants followed by an abrupt withdrawal. Webber said she remained grateful that her delusions did not leave her with a mental picture of how she decapitated her daughter.


The 50-year-old revealed that even though she should be released from the mental health facility in Chicago, she would remain burdened by pain and regret for killing her youngest child.

“I lost Maggie. I have to live with what I did to her and I destroyed my other two daughter’s lives. I was a bomb in the middle of three beautiful daughters that loved each other.”

Webber’s first daughter, who is now 24-years-old, is standing by her mother and blaming her mental meltdown on financial stagnation, two failed marriages, and incessant custody battles. The 24-year-old mother divulged that she held no anger against her mother on that day because she knew it was not the mother that she knew that killed her sister.

“I don’t hold any anger against her because I really know it wasn’t her. She never would have done that.”


Webber, a U.S. Army veteran is due in court September 26 for a hearing on her petition. If she is allowed to leave the mental facility, the twice-divorced mother hopes to move into a group home to be near her sick father and mend strained family ties.

It is expected that prosecutors would oppose her release and transition back into everyday life. Marci Webber has disclosed that she would like to testify at the pending court hearing to drive her point across that she is ready to live a normal life without any drawbacks that would jeopardize the safety of people.

Do you think Marci Webber should be released?

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