A Pantsuit-Less Hillary Clinton Attends Star-Studded Wedding And Nobody Saw Chic Look Coming

A picture of Hillary Clinton wearing anything other than a pantsuit is more than many people can conceive, but that’s just what the former Secretary of State did over the weekend. Finally, Hillary has channeled her inner-chic.

Huffington Post wrote, “She’s giving us the blues (in a good way)” in response to an “unexpected” dress Hillary Clinton wore to the nuptials of a campaign supporter’s daughter.

Hillary, 67, and Bill, 70, were guests at Marc Lasry’s daughter Sophie’s wedding in New York on Sunday. President Clinton looked dapper in a dark suit, a matching tie, and a white shirt.

However, all eyes were on Hillary and whom she wore for the occasion. Rather than slipping into her go-to pantsuit, Hillary owned the day in a Tiffany-blue caftan dress (or kaftan). Hillary’s hair was neatly coiffed and she wore a pair of low-profile silver heels.

Hillary accessorized her look with a pair of prominent stud earrings and she brought along a metallic clutch purse. While the comments on social media are mixed about Mrs. Clinton’s free-flowing dress, many agree that she looked comfortable, “summery and chic.”


Hillary Clinton joined other notable celebrities for the bride’s special day: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, Dorinda Medley (The Real Housewives of NYC) and Huma Abedin, Clinton’s top aide, to name a few.


As many agree, the pantsuit over time has become synonymous with Hillary Clinton. The simple, unassuming attire has been the apparel of choice throughout her career in politics and government.

Readers often ponder Hillary’s motivation for wearing pantsuits rather than donning more fashionable alternatives: Naeem Khan or Valentino frocks as worn by Michelle Obama and Melania Trump, respectively.

The Atlantic offers an explanation.

“For Hillary Clinton and many of her fellow women politicians, a single outfit represents an uneasy compromise between gender and power.

“For Clinton, the pantsuit represents a fusion between the symbolic extremes of the suit that’s worn by a woman: On her—by her, for her—the garment suggests neither freedom nor conformity, but instead … a kind of capitulation.”

Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits, as the Atlantic suggests, represents multiple layers of her personality that convey common statements of self-expression.

“Clinton’s pantsuit reassures. It is simultaneously defiant and conciliatory. It is confident without being flashy. It says both ‘I am a woman’ and ‘I am so much more than just a woman.'”

Were you as shocked as many others to see Hillary Clinton upping her game in fashion in something other than a pantsuit?


[Featured Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]