Mar-A-Lago Jobs: Only 17 Americans Out Of 300 Applicants Hired, U.S. People Given Non-Fax Number To Fax Resume

If you’re itching to work at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club as a waiter making at least $11.88 per hour, or as a $13.34-per-hour cook or as a $10.33-per-hour housekeeper and you’re an American, the chances might be slim that you’ll be hired at Mar-a-Lago. Mar-a-Lago sought to hire foreign workers and as such, they were first required to advertise the Mar-a-Lago Club jobs in the U.S, according to the Washington Post.

According to the New York Daily News, the Mar-a-Lago Club put up their small ads for U.S. workers, with the workers being told to fax their resumes to a phone number in Florida. However, the publication reports that when the Florida fax number was called, an automated voice system answered, instead of the telltale fax machine screeching. It’s not clear if the publication called the fax number during the 14 days that the Mar-a-Lago Club was required to find Americans to fill those jobs since those 14 days have now expired.

In spite of the small effort made by Mar-a-Lago to find American workers to fill the available Mar-a-Lago jobs, there were two Americans who applied for the jobs. One of those Americans reported to the Washington Post that he said no to the Mar-a-Lago job because it was only seasonal work.

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The process of hiring workers for Mar-a-Lago is coming under fire, due to President Trump’s constant touting of the “buy American, hire American” line. The Mar-a-Lago Club could be forced to perform more recruiting of Americans if it is uncovered that not enough was done to recruit on a wide basis.

Trump properties have requested that the Department of Labor seek foreign workers for available jobs, such as when the Trump National Golf Course in Westchester County requested foreign waiters and waitresses in April. Since 2010, Mar-a-Lago has requested 500 visas for foreign workers, and of the 300 people who were hired, only 17 of those people were Americans, according to the New York Times.

The Mar-a-Lago Club is required to try and find U.S. workers to fill available jobs prior to looking to foreign lands for less expensive workers. Trump has claimed in the past that the massive amount of Americans who have applied to work at Mar-a-Lago in the past weren’t qualified. Some blame the seasonal nature of the work as a reason why President Trump may not often hire from within the country.

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