Christopher Anthony Madine: 20-Year-Old Missing Pace Man Found Dead In Vehicle

The parents of a 20-year-old missing Pace man has confirmed via social media that he was found dead in his vehicle on Sunday. WKRG reports that Christopher “Chris” Anthony Madine was last seen at his home in the 5000 block of Buckwheat Way on Monday, July 31, playing an online video game with a friend.

Two days later, when Chris didn’t show up for work at Lowe’s, his mother, Kendra Madine, began to worry. She stated that it was “out of character for him” to miss work, and she feared that he may be in danger; therefore, Kendra filed a missing person’s report with the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office.

Chris’ vehicle, a four-door Mitsubishi Galant, was also missing.

It was unlikely for Chris, who had been trying to get in shape to prepare for the fire academy, to leave his home without contacting his family or friends, according to his mother. Kendra added that she reached out to her son’s bank to find out if there had been any activity on his account since he went missing, but since her name is not on his account, they were unable to give her the answers she was hoping for.


Kendra later turned to social media in hopes that it would help bring Chris home. In a Facebook post, she described her son as 6’0 feet tall, weighing 165 pounds. She said that her son was a huge New Orleans Saints fan, and he was elated about the 2017 season tickets he received.

The post ended with Kendra asking the public to contact the Santa Rosa and Escambia County Sheriff’s departments, or any police organization if they had any information regarding her son’s whereabouts. She said Chris’ relatives, as well as his cats, were “extremely worried.”

The missing Pace man‘s father, Navy veteran Michael Madine, felt that there something was wrong when he hadn’t heard from his son in days. He said, “something just doesn’t feel right.”


Michael went on to say that “if he’s not alright and if someone did something to him and he’s out there, we are going to keep looking. You’re not going to get away.”

The search for the missing Pace man came to a poignant end on Sunday when he was found dead inside of a truck on Woodbine Road. Details surrounding Chris’ death is unknown at this time, but an investigation is underway.

[Featured Image by Bliznetsov/istock]