‘BB19’ Spoilers: Crying Baby, Barking Dog Noises Leave Houseguests Scrambling After Veto Meeting

Shortly after the week 6 Power of Veto (POV) meeting to determine if the awesome medallion would be used, BB19 houseguests were privy to some strange, yet interesting sounds inside the Big Brother house. This left players scratching their heads and then scrambling in an attempt to figure out what was taking place.

At about 1:40 p.m. Big Brother house time, cast member Raven Walton was in the kitchen cooking when she was startled by what sounded like a “screaming baby,” according to fan site Joker’s Updates.

Christmas Abbott later told fellow houseguests that following the crying noise, a voice could be heard saying, “I have a headache, shut that baby up.” Joker’s Updates notes that was incorrect information.

Other players stated they only heard something to the effect of, “somebody shut that baby up,” after the crying noise was played, but questioned what was heard after much debate.

The BB19 houseguests became alarmed following the noise and ran to the monitor inside the living room to see if anything of import would be shown on the screen. Nothing appeared, so all were baffled as to what was going on.


According to Joker’s Updates, following the baby recording Jessica Graf spoke to Elena Davies, telling her the crying baby noise played while she and Cody Nickson, her BB19 showmance, were having an intimate moment. This prompted Jessica to quip the noise may have been a subliminal message to the both of them or an inside joke about Jessica being pregnant.


Then, at around 1:59 p.m. BB19 time, a loud barking dog could be heard over the house speakers, again, startling many of the houseguests, Joker’s Updates live feeders report.


Big Brother cast mates scrambled to speak with their respective alliances to try and figure out just what these recordings may mean. Paul Abrahamian, Alex Ow, and Jason Dent met in a back bedroom and theorized the sounds may be part of the upcoming week 7 Head of Household (HOH) competition. Mark Jansen joined them later and agreed. They then began counting the number of barks they heard thinking they may be an important part of a challenge.


Whatever the case may be, the current status in the BB19 house is that Josh Martinez is HOH, and Elena, Raven, and Jessica are nominees at risk of being sent home during Thursday night’s live eviction show.


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