Rapper Yung Mazi Shot Dead In Atlanta After Claiming He Was ‘Bulletproof’


Yung Mazi, whose real name is Jabril Abdur-Rahman, has been gunned down while buying a pizza in Atlanta’s Kirkwood neighborhood. The fatal shooting took place in the Urban Pie pizza store on Sunday, Aug. 6.

CBS News reported that the rapper was found dead due to multiple gunshot wounds at around 9:30 p.m. It was also mentioned that the pizza store is located just across from the police station. With the short distance, the officers narrated that they heard 10 to 25 gunshots which made them run over to the pizza place, however, the assailant had already gotten away.

Moreover, it has been reported that the tragic incident happened not long after Mazi posted a live video stream on Instagram. The clip shows the hip-hop artist hanging out with his daughter, but it is not clear if they were still together when the shooting transpired.

In any case, Yung Mazi escaped death several times already and he bragged about it through his rap lyrics. He disclosed that he has been shot 10 times in the past, but he always survived.

In December 2016, two men shot him at a local Waffle House while he was placing his order. Miraculously, he only sustained minor injuries. Commenting on what happened to him, he told DJ Smallz the following.

“I just got out the wheelchair. My foot and stuff still don’t work, so I can’t really run like that. The person with the gun ain’t supposed to run anyway.”

Mazi was also asked why people always shoot him and he explained that it is because “people do not like the red dude for some reason.” Nevertheless, hours before he was attacked in December, he tweeted that God made him bulletproof.

Incidentally, the police have yet to identify the suspect. Witnesses described the man as wearing dark jeans and a white shirt and sporting dreadlocks. The authorities are asking people to come forward if they have any information regarding the killer.


Now, after hearing about the sudden passing of Yung Mazi, fans and friends immediately posted their sympathies and condolences on social media. The hip-hop groups in Atlanta also expressed sadness and remembered the slain artist through their heartfelt posts.

Based on the write-ups on his website, Mazi was raised a devout Muslim and he learned about living in the hard way. Throughout his life, he has had his share of misfortunes, but these only taught him lessons and made him stronger.

Meanwhile, Yung Mazi’s family is asking for privacy during this difficult time. They do not want to comment on the killing either.

[Featured Image by Yung Mazi/Instagram]