‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Goes Home This Week From ‘BB19’ Cast, Who Skipped Kevin’s Birthday Party?

Big Brother 19 spoilers now indicate who goes home this week. This live feeds update provides a number of important Big Brother 19 spoilers, led, of course, by the name of the person who gets evicted this week. Previously, there had been a bit of a debate, as Head of Household Josh Martinez wanted to send Elena Davies out the front door. His opinion has changed, though, with a lot of urging from other people in his alliance (namely Kevin Schlehuber and Paul Abrahamian).

As for Kevin, the BB19 house celebrated his birthday with a dinner this evening, but not everyone felt it was important enough to attend. While the rest of the cast enjoyed a dinner to celebrate Kevin, Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf decided that getting a tan in the backyard was more important. While this has become the expected behavior for Cody and Jessica, who also decided to not participate in singing to Kevin at midnight for his birthday, it still has remained shocking for a lot of live feed subscribers.

A report by fan site Joker’s Updates relayed a conversation that Paul Abrahamian, Christmas Abbott, and Josh Martinez were having about the upcoming eviction vote. Earlier in the day, the BB19 house had its Week 6 Veto Ceremony, where some interesting Big Brother 19 spoilers were revealed for fans. Mark Jansen, who had won the Power of Veto over the weekend, used it to save himself from the block. That forced Josh to name a replacement nominee and he went with Raven Walton.

In the discussion between Josh, Paul, and Christmas that took place just before Kevin’s dinner, the trio went over the options for the Eviction Ceremony again. Paul and Christmas already knew that Josh wanted to get Elena Davies out this week, but they seem to have slowly convinced him that keeping Elena around is the smarter move. Josh has reluctantly agreed that the better game move is to evict Jessica Graf this week, so he has put an end to his overtures to get Elena out before the BB19 jury gets started.

For fans of the Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf showmance, these Big Brother 19 spoilers will come as disappointing news. Big Brother host Julie Chen may also be disappointed, as she joined Team Jessica when Josh Martinez was having one of his many tantrums in the house. Now, it seems, Josh will be the one who punches Jessica’s ticket right out the front door and into a one-on-one interview with Julie Chen herself. That shouldn’t be too shocking to CBS viewers, as a Jessica eviction could be easily predicted, even though Elena seemed in serious danger.

Moving forward, Cody Nickson, Elena Davies, and Mark Jansen still seem to be on the outside of the primary BB19 house alliance. While Mark is making friends with the people “in charge” and getting along well with Josh Martinez and Paul Abrahamian, his attachment to Elena could be his downfall. Just a week ago, it seemed like being attached to Mark would doom Elena, so this is an intriguing shift in the game. To answer the primary question of these particular Big Brother 19 spoilers, Jessica Graf is who goes home this week and misses the BB19 jury.

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