Duggar Family, Derick Dillard In Line Of Fire Again With Fresh Tweet On Christianity

The dust on Derick Dillard’s twitter controversy clearly has not settled. The Duggar family son-in-law was pulled up by his critics again on Monday after he tweeted about Christianity.

Jill Duggar’s husband Derick invited the wrath of Twitterati after he tweeted last week about gender. The tweet was in response to a TLC announcement about transgender teen Jazz Jennings’ show, I Am Jazz. Derick opined gender is not fluid and is ordained by God, upsetting many who support LGBT rights. Many who criticized Derick for the alleged attack on a transgender teen, called for his ousting from the Duggar family’s show Counting On. TLC issued a statement in which the television network distanced itself from the stormy tweet. Incidentally, both Counting On and I Am Jazz air on TLC.

Since his controversial tweet, Derick tweeted multiple times to clarify his opinion but his attempts have drawn mixed reactions. On Monday, Derick tweeted about a “global war” on Christianity and love for Christ. His critics saw the tweet as yet another attempt to justify his earlier tweet on gender, though Derick did not mention that the tweets were connected. Besides questioning the alleged attack on Jennings, his critics have also dragged Derick’s brother-in-law and Jill Duggar’s scandal-hit brother, Josh, into the discussion.

“You attacked a teen on twitter like four days ago, that certainly isn’t living for a man who command us to love our enemies,” reads one response to Derick’s tweet.

Another more critical response reads, “Derick must be very miserable. Has a newborn kid yet starting conflict on twitter with a kid and the network that employs him. Pathetic.”

With fewer voices defending him, the critical responses indicate what Derick says in the near future is likely to be scrutinized by both fans and critics.

“Allowing those to wallow in sin is not loving. I don’t think @derick4Him considers anyone his enemy. ❤️ the sinner, not the sin,” reads a response from a Twitter user who defended Jill Duggar’s husband.

Just before the controversial tweet, Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard were beginning to put together their family of four, after the arrival of Samuel Scott Dillard last month. The baby’s birth and subsequent delay in release information about Jill Duggar’s health, had Duggar family fans worried. Derick’s tweet has seemingly drawn the attention away from Samuel. It has also caused the controversy to spill over other social medial accounts Jill and Derick operate.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]