Todd Chrisley Shares Beautiful Photos Of Tropical Vacation, Touching Photo Of His Wife Despite Gay Rumors

You won’t believe the photos from the amazing tropical vacation that the Chrisley family just took! On July 30, patriarch Todd Chrisley, the star of the hit show Chrisley Knows Best, took to Instagram to share a stunning aerial photo of the tropical blue waters of the Cayman Islands, which was obviously taken from a plane.

“Welcome home,” Todd captioned the photo.

Throughout the week, Chrisley has been active on social media, sharing photos from the family’s beautiful getaway. Savannah, Julie, Grayson, Chloe, and Savannah’s basketball star boyfriend, Luke Kennard, all made the trip. Noticeably absent was Todd’s son, Chase.

“Loved spending the week with my crazy crew in paradise! @toddchrisley, @savannahchrisley, @graysonchrisley, lukekennard5 We missed you @chasechrisley #grandcayman #familyiseverything,” Julie posted to Instagram yesterday.

The family appeared to keep busy with boating and swimming. Todd even took an opportunity to show his granddaughter Chloe a starfish, explaining that he won’t bite if she touches him. Chrisley posted 11 photos to his Instagram during the trip, but the most heartfelt post was a shoutout to his wife, Julie.

“Many have tried but only one has ever succeed and that title belongs to my @juliechrisley, to the moon and back jewels, to the moon and back,” he wrote as a caption on the selfie of him and Julie.

Many have tried but only one has ever succeed and that title belongs to my @juliechrisley, to the moon and back jewels, to the moon and back.

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Chrisley Knows Best fans were quick to comment on the photo, which gained over 50,000 likes and 368 comments. Most Instagrammers couldn’t help but comment on how much they love the Chrisley family.

“You two are the best. I love your family. And your show!”

Many other fans commented on the couple’s looks, specifically Julie’s, saying how they look “glowing” and how they appear to be aging backward. Another fan simply wrote that Todd and Julie are “relationship goals.”

But there were a few fans who were not as nice, calling the photo “suspicious” and even “fake.” This is obviously referring to the continuous rumors that Todd is gay.

“I’m flattered that people think I can get laid on both ends, so that doesn’t bother me,” Chrisley said on The Domenick Nati Show back in February before reiterating the fact that he is indeed heterosexual.

Memories made to last a lifetime, it’s been a week of great company, surrounded by love, sun and beautiful water, oh yea, and kids still asking ” daddy, can I, can I, can I? ” hello no you can’t so don’t ask again “.

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The father of five went on to say that his wife, Julie, is flattered that there are both men and women who want her husband. Todd has also taken the higher road, saying that other people’s opinions of him are none of his business and he won’t let it bug him.

Back in 2014, the gay rumors started when his estranged son Kyle told Life & Style that his dad was gay. He even went further to say that his dad only hangs out with gay people. Kyle said that if it wasn’t for the money, Julie would have left Todd a long time ago.

Maybe with his latest and most heartfelt photo of his wife, Todd can finally put those rumors to rest. What are your thoughts?

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]