‘Big Brother 19’: Paul Abrahamian’s Friendship Could Sink — ‘BB19’ Alums Are Sick Of The Paul Show

Last summer on Big Brother 18, Paul Abrahamian was all about friendship. One year later, the L.A.-based clothing designer/musician is making enemies faster than he can get them out of the CBS summertime house. And with his guaranteed safety net now expired, Paul could soon find himself on the other side of the Big Brother door.

Abrahamian’s Head of Household reign last week was wasted due to Jessica Graf’s Halting Hex, which halted the eviction proceedings and kept Jessica and her Big Brother boyfriend, Cody Nickson, safe for at least another week. While that put a damper on Paul’s party, this season’s puppet master was stoked when his Big Brother buddy, Josh Martinez, won this week’s HOH. Paul immediately boasted that he knows he is now safe (a dangerous assumption for anyone on Big Brother), and he is in his comfort zone as he seemingly calls the shots from the sidelines.

Paul is so comfortable with Josh’s Head of Household win that he actually kicked this week’s winner out of the HOH bedroom and told him to go fetch him some water. Now, even Abrahamian’s groupie, Josh, is turned off, although, for some reason, Paul still sleeps in the HOH room with him.

Paul Abrahamian came into the Big Brother house with a safety advantage, and some fans feel his early power went to his head. While Big Brother diehards have mixed feelings on Paul’s entitled gameplay this season, some of his former housemates have had enough.

This season’s first eliminated Big Brother houseguest, Cameron Heard, took to Twitter to write that he is “sick” of the Paul Show. Fellow evictee Dominique Cooper seconded Cameron’s comment. Ousted Big Brother player Ramses Soto gave Paul a tongue-in-cheek congratulation on Josh’s HOH win.

Past Big Brother houseguests have also weighed in on Paul’s behavior this season, with Big Brother Season 8 winner Evel Dick Donato saying he is rooting for anyone who takes Paul out this season to win the game.

Do you think Paul Abrahamian deserves a second chance to win Big Brother, or is it time for him to go? Take a look at the video below to see Paul Abrahamian trying to mastermind Josh Martinez’ Head of Household.

Big Brother 19 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

[Featured Image by Johnny Vy/CBS]