Jim Bob Duggar Upset With Son-In-Laws’ Beliefs And Practices

Jim Bob Duggar has been dubbed a control freak by viewers for years now. He rules with an iron fist with almost no one challenging his rules. The Duggar women all follow his word like they would their God, doing things that many would call extreme. Jim Bob and Michelle share several children together, with many of them hitting adulthood already. He has married off four of his daughters and one of his sons. There is another wedding coming this October, which will unite another Duggar son in holy matrimony, giving the Duggars their second daughter-in-law.

The initial impression of the Duggar daughters’ husbands wasn’t too different. Many believed it would be much of the same thing, except with the girls living in different households. That all changed when Jessa Duggar married Ben Seewald. While Jim Bob Duggar gave his seal of approval without much doubt, Ben has proven to be more liberal than the family likely thought. Jinger Duggar marrying Jeremy Vuolo came with more resistance, especially with his history of partying. Now, there is rumored trouble between the Duggar patriarch and his son-in-laws. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jim Bob Duggar is upset with Ben Seewald and Jeremy Vuolo. He reportedly feels like the rules and morals he instilled in his daughters are being wiped away by their husbands.

Rumors of a feud between Jim Bob Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have been circulating for a while now. It all stems back to Jinger Duggar being “allowed” to wear pants. That has always been a taboo in the Duggar house, and up until Jinger was married, she never wore shorts or long pants. Now, she is seen quite often wearing what she wants while also keeping her modesty. Vuolo is a preacher, and while he follows what he believes are the right things, his beliefs are far less extreme than those that Jim Bob Duggar holds as the law.

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Ben Seewald has come out in support of the BLM movement, and that is when things reportedly got tense between him and his father-in-law. He appears to be more liberal than Jim Bob Duggar could have imagined, and with Jeremy Vuolo there to have his back, there isn’t much the patriarch can do to reign his girls back in. With Jinger living hundreds of miles away, Jim Bob will only have to hope and pray that she will begin to head back to what he taught her. Jessa and Ben, on the other hand, will have to hear way more lectures about beliefs and right and wrong from Duggar before they are done.

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