Robbie Tripp Posts Instagram Photo, Praises His Wife’s ‘Curvy, Thicker, Big’ Bikini Body – But It Backfires

Robbie Tripp recently went viral for Tripp’s Instagram photo, praising his wife’s non-traditional body. As seen in the below photo from Instagram, Tripp stated that he loved his wife’s “curvy body,” and wrote about how his friends teased him when he was a teenager, because he had a preference for “girls on the thicker side.” Robbie wrote that he preferred shorter women who had lots of curves, the ones that average or “basic” bros might call “chubby” or “fat.” Tripp wrote that as he aged, he also learned about feminism, and began to blame the media for dubbing one type of woman as attractive: namely, the tall, thin and lean body type.

Robbie wrote that it was a lie that only tall and slender women were sexy, and that his wife — complete with “thick thighs, big booty, cute little side roll, etc.” — is the sexiest to him. Tripp has gained more than 32,000 likes on Instagram for writing about his curvy and confident wife, who is the most beautiful woman in the room to him. Robbie urged other men to think again about the societal norms of desire and called real women those who aren’t movie characters, porn stars or bikini mannequins. Tripp said his wife’s beautiful stretch marks, along with her “cute little dimples on her booty” were the real thing that should be appreciated. While Robbie gained plenty of kudos for his Instagram tribute to his wife, Sarah Tripp, he has also gained a bit of backlash, too.

As reported by Newser, Tripp began to get backlash after going viral, with folks clapping back at Robbie and telling him that just because he accepts his wife’s curvy body, it doesn’t make him some kind of a hero. The fact that Robbie wrote the Instagram post saying that he found his wife’s thicker body attractive in spite of societal norms made some people believe that Tripp still held outdated views about women deep down.

However, in spite of those who didn’t take kindly to Robbie’s Instagram post praising his wife’s body, there are those that claim that Tripp’s words caused people to swoon over Robbie, as reported by Today. Sarah said she loved Robbie’s post and that she’s “lucky.”

[Featured Image by Proworks/Shutterstock]