‘Vikings’ Season 5 Release Date: Trailer Teases Lagertha’s Fate, Sibling Rivalry After Ragnar’s Death

Vikings Season 5 has a release date and will premiere later this year on November 29. The last season marked a significate turn of events as the main protagonist Ragnar Lothbrook died in England. After a time jump, his sons were introduced and one of them Sigurd died in the third season finale.

The Season 5 trailer teases a war between Ivar and Ubbe. It is unclear at this point what caused the rift, but all of Ragnar’s sons have been uneasy around Ivar since they were all introduced. Lagertha is seen going to battle in the next season, and her death is teased by the Seer, who also declares that “the consequences of Ragnar’s death have not yet played out.”

Heahmund is set to play the Ivar’s rival as he attempts to conquer more land in England. The warrior bishop will try to unify Christians against the Viking pagan army. Vikings Season 5 will have many battles by the look of the trailer. Flocki seems to have discovered Iceland while Bjorn is expected to also discover new land.

Ivar and Ubbe are in a serious sibling rivalry and will go to war is the next season. This will explain Ubbe’s affiliation with Lagertha, who will likely help him defend Kattegat from an invading Ivar. Ragnar’s favorite son declares his ambition to be the king of Kattegat and his intention to kill Lagertha to avenge his mother, Aslaug.

King Harold is also in the trailer and seems to have formed a partnership will Ivar. Bjorn will side with his mother as he did in the previous season.

The biggest question going into Season 5 is who will win the civil war? And what are the consequences for the losing side? It seems like a major character or two will die in the civil war.

The new land Bjorn discovers seems to be somewhere in North Africa or the Sahara dessert. It will be interesting to see what he does with his Vikings army when he arrives.

While the series is yet to be renewed for Vikings Season 6, the creator Michael Hirst revealed that he is writing material for a sixth season, according to Entertainment Weekly.

What are your theories for the upcoming season?

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