What Is The “Personal Video Network”?

A company developing an interesting “wire-free personal video networking” technology has just gotten $7 million to finish its first consumer product. Avaak, makers of the upcoming Vue system, received the Series A funding today.

Vue is set to be released in early 2009. The company isn’t revealing much about it, but here’s what we know:

  • It combines “ultra-low power wireless video mesh networking technology” with the Internet
  • It lets you “view your family and your home from virtually anywhere, at any time” without having to install any wired cameras or specific software
  • It is also marketed as being able to let you “manage your business everywhere”
  • It was initially developed with federal funding for use in defense and homeland security applications
  • It was a finalist in a couple of innovation competitions such as iStage and CONNECT

Well, color me intrigued. Any insights?

Avaak, by the way, has been around since 2004. It’s based in San Diego and employs about a dozen people.