Quantasia Sharpton Full Press Conference Video: Usher Had Sex With 19-Year-Old Angel Valentino, Says Sharpton

Quantasia Sharpton is currently 21 years of age, but in the press conference below, Quantasia states that she was a 19-year-old wearing a birthday crown when Usher spotted Sharpton at his concert and asked for more information about her. Sharpton’s attorney, Lisa Bloom, joined Quantasia as she spoke about having a sexual encounter with Usher.

Sharpton said that when she read recent reports about Usher allegedly exposing a woman to herpes, Sharpton was surprised. Now, Quantasia and her attorney are calling for Usher to admit whether he really has herpes. If so, Quantasia is asking for a jury to decide how much money Sharpton should be awarded for damages for not telling her he has herpes.

According to the New York Daily News, Quantasia claims that she had unprotected sex in a hotel room with Usher after he called her phone from a blocked phone number. Sharpton reports that she has tested negative for herpes, but Bloom reported that one of two other Usher fans have tested positive for the STD. Meanwhile, the publication Fameolous claims that Sharpton also goes by the name Angel Valentino and reports they have more information to come about Angel.

Watch the full press conference with Sharpton and Bloom below.

Bloom cited a case where Rock Hudson exposed a person to HIV. Although the individual tested negative for the STD, the person was still awarded an amount in the millions for the potential exposure to the virus. With Usher being accused of exposing Quantasia to herpes, Bloom likened it to non-consensual sex, even though she would not call it rape. Sharpton said Usher never warned her about allegedly having herpes prior to their sexual contact, nor afterward. Quantasia said she would have never given Usher consent for sex if she knew there was the potential to contract herpes from the singer. The lawsuit against Usher will be filed in California, Bloom reported.

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According to a different lawsuit filed against Usher, it was claimed that Usher was diagnosed with herpes about seven years ago, in 2009 or 2010 — when Usher divorced his first wife. Bloom claimed that she has been in contact with other people who claim they were allegedly exposed to herpes from unprotected sex with Usher. However, as of this writing, Usher has not responded to the charges that he allegedly gave people herpes. Usher has not come forward to confirm or deny the reports about herpes.

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