Did Juan Pablo Galavis Get Married? It Looks That Way

Juan Pablo Galavis found love on The Bachelor, but things didn’t work out in the end. Since then, he has moved on and has been dating Osmariel Villalobos. They have seemed really happy together, and back in March, Us Weekly shared that it looked like the two were close to getting engaged.

Juan Pablo picked Nikki Ferrell at the end of his season of The Bachelor, but he didn’t propose. In fact, he wouldn’t even tell her that he loved her. Obviously, they hadn’t been together for very long, and he wanted to take things slow, but a lot of the fans of the show didn’t understand that or agree with the way he was doing things.

A source shared that Juan Pablo had already picked out a ring and that she would say “yes” for sure. The source said that they had talked about marriage and knew this was what they both wanted. She was also great with his daughter, which was important to him.

Now, it looks like Juan Pablo Galavis has tied the knot. On his Instagram, he hasn’t shared anything, but Osmariel Villalobos went to her page and shared a picture that shows her in what appears to be wedding dress while kissing Juan Pablo.

When translated, the caption reads, “I love you my husband Photo: @andreinaduven and @patrickdolande???? THANK YOU for capturing this unforgettable moment.”

She also posted another picture, and when you translate this caption, she says that yes, she got married and is happy about it. She also says that a lot of people worked with her in secret to help her make this dream come true. Osmariel doesn’t name who these people are, but she says that she had a lot of people who helped her out with this big event. Now, the fans are just waiting on Juan Pablo Galavis to make the big announcement, but he hasn’t been in the press much lately and seems to just be living his life.

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Update: Us Magazine confirmed with a source that the couple is married.

[Featured Image by Bob Levey/Getty Images]