Former ‘Dukes Of Hazzard’ Star Tom Wopat Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting Woman

A new report has emerged that former Dukes of Hazzard and Last Man Standing star Tom Wopat was arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman by sticking his finger in her buttcrack.

According to Cinema Blend, Tom Wopat was arrested on August 2, although the arrest and arraignment have only been made public now.

The allegation states that the assault happened while Wopat was rehearsing for a revival of 42nd Street at the Reagle Theatre in Waltham, Massachusetts. On July 23, Wopat allegedly grabbed the woman and fondled her between her buttcheeks. He was subsequently arrested and charged with indecent assault and battery, which is a felony charge in Massachusetts.

He also received a misdemeanor drug possession charge at that time.

“The court freed him on $1,000 bond and told him to keep away from the woman whom he allegedly groped. The woman who made the allegations told someone in a leadership role at the show, and they called the police to crack down on Wopat in response.”

However, this wasn’t the first time Tom Wopat has made unwanted advances at the woman. According to the report, prior to this incident that led to his arrest, Tom Wopat allegedly grabbed the woman by the waist from behind while telling her, “I like the way you work.”

Thanks to this arrest, Tom Wopat is in a world of trouble. So much so, in fact, that according to the Boston Herald, he’s now blocked from performing in Waltham, Massachusetts, where the alleged incident took place.

Wopat was freed from jail on $1,000 bond, but he was ordered to stay away from the woman he allegedly assaulted.

But there are a number of reasons why Tom Wopat won’t be able to perform in the show. For one, many of the women on the set were afraid to work with him because of his “inappropriate flirting.” Second, when he was arrested, he was found in possession of a significant amount of cocaine. These two things combined meant that Wopat won’t be able to perform.

What’s more, his now-former co-stars can’t comment on the matter either, because the theater director forbade them from doing so.

Robert Eagle, the producing artistic director, said that he had to speak to Tom Wopat several times before this final arrest incident took place.

“Eagle told officers the theater already had sold more than 3,000 tickets for the show, largely due, he believed, to Wopat’s fame, police said. But in the 49 summers he has been directing the theater group, Eagle told them, he has ‘never encountered a situation that has been so difficult.’ He said he has had to speak to Wopat about his behavior three times, according to police.”

For his part, Tom Wopat categorically denies the charges.

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[Featured Image by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]