Pretty Much Everyone Hated Kylie Jenner’s ‘Life Of Kylie’ Premiere

The internet wasn’t too kind to Kylie Jenner during the premiere of her new E! reality show Life of Kylie.

After months of teasing her solo reality show away from her family members on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, a number of Twitter users trolled the star with not so nice tweets and GIFs and even slammed the teenager for “complaining” about fame on the new series, which she claimed would show off a side of her that fans don’t usually get to see.

A quick search of the #LifeOfKylie tag on Twitter brings up a few top tweets from users who shared their opinions during the big premiere on August 6, and the majority aren’t exactly complimentary towards the teenager social media queen.

“I love Kylie but she just said ‘I didn’t get to grow up normal it’s just so hard’… well paying bills is hard we can switch lol,” @OhayyKendra tweeted out during the broadcast after Jenner confessed that she doesn’t always love leading such a public life.

“Who’s watching #LifeOfKylie? I can totally relate to her. She doesn’t drive her Lambo and neither do I,” @seclienicole sarcastically added, while Twitter user @natayio wrote, “Sorry Kylie, I’m not about to waste my time & learn about the ‘struggles’ a privileged rich teenager has faced. Next.”

Kylie Jenner's 'Life of Kylie' is being slammed on Twitter
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“Guys I’m embarrassed I watched #LifeofKylie,” @Nikkiavila_ then tweeted after seeing the premiere, claiming that the first episode “was just Kylie complaining about being ‘over fame’… on her new TV show.”

“I just watched only three minutes of #LifeofKylie and lost so many brain cells………. how do people idol this girl..???” @hyf_WRiiGHT wrote of Jenner.

Others continued to slam the star for complaining about her privileged lifestyle and joked that they would be willing to swap places with her and take her millions of dollars off her hands after she claimed it was “so sad” that she’d never been able to go to prom because she was home schooled.

But while the new reality show certainly got its fair share of criticism from the online community, not everyone was so quick to slam the 19-year-old for her solo TV venture and offered up a more positive stance on seeing Jenner go it alone.

There were a few sweet tweets from fans who made it clear that they were loving seeing Jenner be more open on camera.

Some even claimed that the show did, in fact, let them see another side to the star than she’s been showing off on Keeping Up With the Kardashians for the past 10 years since it debuted in 2007.

“Actually enjoying #LifeofKylie so much its [sic] so chill @KylieJenner ILY QUEEN,” @HayleyWi11iams wrote in support of the new series.

User @LeighBryan also showed their support, tweeting that they “actually loved [Jenner] showing us this whole other side on #LifeofKylie” and claimed the premiere did, in fact, show that “there was so much more to her” that fans haven’t seen before.

'Life of Kylie' slammed by fans as Kylie Jenner complains about being famous
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And it looks like Jenner was determined to focus on the positive when addressing the response to her reality series from fans and critics alike.

Proving that she wasn’t about to let the overwhelmingly negative Twitter comments get her down, Kylie told her more than 22 million followers on the site that she was “so so happy” that her fans liked the new series and thanked them for all their “kind words” on social media.

She then continued to spread positivity by retweeting some of the less scathing tweets and reviews to her Twitter page.

Life of Kylie is set to continue on Sunday nights on E!.

Did you tune in to the premiere of Kylie Jenner’s solo reality show Life of Kylie? What do you think of the star’s new series?

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