‘Modern Family’ ‘Will Likely’ End With Season 10, Final Chapter To End With A Big Family Event

ABC ordered two more seasons of the award-winning sitcom Modern Family after a long and tedious negotiation process. Despite the successful renewal of the show, Steve Levitan revealed Season 10 would likely be the end of the well-loved comedy. During the network’s TCA party, Levithan revealed he and his co-creator Christopher Lloyd never imagined the show would continue for ten seasons. While the show could go beyond ten seasons, he expects the show to end by then. According to him, their only goal was for Modern Family to stay on the air.

“But after awhile we thought we may be in control our own fate, and 10 sounded like a nice round number.”

After revealing their plans to wrap up Modern Family by the tenth season, Levitan was asked if they already had ideas on how to end the show. According to him, they did not have the exact conversation on how they wanted to end the show “episode-wise” yet. He added that they would probably discuss those things once they start the second half of Modern Family’s ninth season.

As for the ending they had in mind, Levitan relayed how he and the team behind Modern Family thought of ideas on how to wrap things up. They thought about pulling off The Bob Newhart Show twist of ending the show like M*A*S*H* where someone died. After considering several options, Levitan explained, the team seems inclined to go with a certain direction.

“I think we will end the show the way we started it in the pilot, with a big family event.”


Modern Family is all about different Pritchett families. The pilot episode followed how life went for the family’s branches separately, and the family members did not meet up until the final scene where they welcomed a new baby in the family. The story started with Mitchell and Cameron’s adopted daughter from Vietnam. With such an interesting beginning and a great run on ABC, fans would definitely be sad yet excited to know how the show will come to a close.


Modern Family Season 8 ended as Manny and Luke graduated high school. The upcoming season will feature the fate of these two as Manny heads off to college and Luke makes a decision to take a gap year. Modern Family Season 9 is going to have 13 episodes, and based on reports, filming is already underway.


[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]