Video Of Kyrie Irving Berating Pickup Game Teammate Goes Viral, NBA Star Preparing For Leadership Role?

It looks like disgruntled All-Star Kyrie Irving is ready to take on a bigger role for the next team he’ll play for after showing off some of the leadership skills he picked up from LeBron James.

The superstar point guard can be seen yelling at a teammate for turning the ball over in an act reminiscent of his Cleveland Cavaliers teammate. According to 247Sports, Irving was playing in a pickup game in his hometown of New Jersey when he was recorded on video berating one of his teammates.

It is no secret that LeBron, the undisputed Cavs main man, has a penchant for blasting teammates for mistakes during a game. In the recent NBA Finals, LeBron got into a heated argument with Tristan Thompson. During his time with the Miami Heat, James was often seen scolding former teammate Mario Chalmers in what they could only describe as tough, brotherly love.

Kyrie seemed to have learned a thing or two from LeBron about being a vocal leader. In the video, however, Irving may have been a little too vocal. Kyrie could be heard shouting, “Bro, stop turning the ball over. I’m not rewarding that.” Irving went on to say that he was “not rewarding negative behavior.”


As reported by For The Win, Kyrie’s ire was targeted at a teammate who was supposedly called for a backcourt violation. What likely got Irving’s goat was that the teammate didn’t seem to care about his mistake and was even seen smiling. Kyrie told the erring teammate that he would stop giving him the ball if he kept turning the ball over. The man responded by telling Irving that they were only playing a pickup game but, being a true competitor, this did not sit well with Kyrie. It’s not known what happened after this exchange as the video was cut from there.

The competitive fire in Kyrie is what drove him and his camp to ask for a trade. Irving has supposedly had enough of playing second fiddle to LeBron and is ready to be the alpha dog in a new team. Kyrie informed the Cavs management that he would like to be traded to any of the following: the New York Knicks, San Antonio Spurs, Minnesota Timberwolves, or the Miami Heat.

Recent trade rumors also point to the Phoenix Suns and Detroit Pistons entering the picture after they offered some of their assets to get the services of Irving. The Suns are willing to let go of starting point guard Eric Bledsoe and young forward Dragan Bender while the Pistons can offer any combination of Reggie Jackson, Avery Bradley, Stanley Johnson, Henry Ellenson, Luke Kennard, and first-round draft picks.

The best case scenario so far is for Carmelo Anthony to agree to a trade with Cleveland for Irving. Anthony would have to waive his no-trade clause for this to work, however. If this pushes through, Melo can finally get out of New York and play for a contender with good friend LeBron. Irving, meanwhile, can go home and help lead his hometown team back to glory.

[Featured Image by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images]