'Overwatch' Players Starting To Hate New Hero, Doomfist

Shawn Lealos

The arrival of Doomfist to the Overwatch video game world was highly-anticipated by fans, but that excitement has turned sour as more players have watched the character in action. According to Forbes, many fans who have gotten their first taste of Doomfist are starting to complain that the hero is too powerful and he is quickly becoming a hated addition to the popular game.

The story behind Doomfist was also very exciting. Doomfist was a mercenary from Nigeria who was freed from imprisonment and jumped right into the fighting world believing that it will help make humanity stronger. He works with Talon in the Overwatch world.

The arrival of Doomfist to Overwatch was very exciting and fans seemed happy to use his Hand Cannon to fight from a distance and his Rocket Punch for close combat.

Forbes also reported that his kit makes it easy to jump away from danger when he misses his Rocket Punch. This makes him a lot more mobile than someone like Roadhog. Speaking of Roadhog, this entire situation sounds very familiar to his story as well.

This is where gamers who hate how powerful Doomfist is can rest easy. One thing that Overwatch does is to nerf characters to make them more balanced with others in the game and make things a bit fairer, no matter who you are playing with. The same gamers who hated how powerful Roadhog was when he arrived also were angry when Overwatch nerfed him to even things out.

Of course, while there are a lot of people who hate how powerful Doomfist is in Overwatch, there are likely just as many who love playing with the powerful characters. However, Overwatch is great about balancing out the game on a regular schedule, so expect Doomfist to get nerfed sooner rather than later.

[Featured Image by Blizzard Entertainment]