‘Inhumans’ Continues To Garner Criticism As EP Jeph Loeb And Others Defend The Series

Since the first trailer and teasers were unveiled for the Inhumans, there have been plenty of criticisms from fans of both the characters and the comics. For the most part, fans were seriously unimpressed with what they were seeing in the trailer that was released on June 29, and immediately took to social media to share their criticisms.

One of the bigger complaints was that the footage was “lackluster” and the wig that Medusa was wearing was nowhere near as impressive as was expected. Even at the Television Critics Association press tour, Marvel was confronted with even more criticisms, leaving executive producers Jeph Loeb and Scott Buck defending the series.

One of the comments that the Inhumans executive producers had to defend the show against, was that from what the press was shown of the first episode, there was no way that the series was “visually suitable” for its intended IMAX release on September 1. Other criticisms levied against the show had to do with the characters and of course the less-than-impressive wig Medusa is seen wearing. The character that drew the most ire, according to Deadline, was Karnak played by Ken Leung. The critics indicated that there was no clear indication as to what abilities Karnak possessed.

Ken Leung, Karnak, Inhumans
Ken Leung plays Karnak in the 'Inhumans.' [Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]

In defending the Inhumans and its IMAX release, Jeph Loeb first stated that the imagery that the show had to offer really needed to be seen on the IMAX screen to be appreciated. However, when he was later confronted with a statement regarding the footage not being the kind of quality one would expect to see on that screen, Loeb said that the footage the press, and even the fans have seen, is not the final product.

According to Variety, the executive producer said that the show which the press was shown is not the complete first episode, because they are not done working on the series and that episode in particular. Loeb also pointed out that there was a lack of a question, with people saying that the episode was not IMAX quality. Instead, Loeb called it an “editorial statement.”


While Jeph Loeb defended the quality of the Inhumans, it was Scott Buck who spoke up regarding the character of Karnak. Buck explained that because the character is able to see all of the flaws in something, whether it is an animate or inanimate object, it makes him a person who finds that nothing is ever good enough. Even Loeb chimed in to explain that once there is a more complete and finished product, viewers and the press will be able to understand better who Karnak is as a person.

With Jeph Loeb and Scott Buck speaking up in regards to the quality of the Inhumans and what has been seen so far, it was Serinda Swan, who plays Medusa, who actually spoke about the wig that received its own fair share of criticism. The actress confessed that the wig was actually quite uncomfortable to wear, even though it was constructed quite well. She explained that not only was it extremely heavy, but that there was a lot of work that went into the making of this wig. Swan also pointed out that in order to bring her hair to life, there was a lot of CGI involved. Plus, there was even technology that had to be created in order to make the wig come to life for her character.


Overall, it seems as if Marvel’s Inhumans is still a work in progress, even as its IMAX premiere date is getting closer. The executive producers, actors, and all of the people who have put in so much time and effort into bringing the show to life, are asking that viewers and critics alike give it a chance and wait to judge the series on its final product, rather than what has been shown so far.

[Featured Image by Rich Polk/Getty Images]