Mayan Apocalypse: This French Village Is Your Doomsday Destination

Need a weekend “getaway” just in time for the Mayan Apocalypse?

If you’re looking a place to hang out when the rest of the world comes to an end on Friday, you want be interested in the southern French village of Bugarac h.

When doomsday arrives on December 21 as a result of the Mayan Apocalypse, aliens inside the Pic de Bubarach mountain will save everyone in the area in transport them to a safe haven, at least according to what some New Agers believe.

London’s Daily Mail has more on about Bugarch and the Mayan Apocalypse:

“Because this small village — two streets, one shop, two restaurants … one tiny church, one bar (closed), dozens of circling eagles and a population of just 179 — is the only place in the world that will be saved. Its salvation centers round a 4,000 ft mountain …

“Indeed, according to enthusiasts and many who should know better, the Pic de Bugarach is actually home to an enormous hidden UFO garage … in which aliens are sitting patiently waiting for Friday, December 21, when they’ll scoop up all human ‘future survivors’ nearby and beam them off to safety (wherever that may be!).”

As The Inquisitirpreviously reported, referred to as the “upside-down mountain” because geologists believe the mountain actually exploded after its formation and had its top land the wrong way up, the Pic de Bugarach is thought to also have inspired Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth and Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounter’s of the Third Kind.

“On Wednesday, [the mayor] will close the village for five days to anyone who doesn’t live here or isn’t already booked to stay, and draft in hundreds of police, military, firemen and Red Cross to ban any gatherings, shut off the mountain and arrest anyone silly enough to try flying over it.”

Do you have big plans for Friday, December 21?

[Image credit: ArnoLagrange]