Disney Cruise Line: Disney Magic Rescues Boat Full Of Stranded Migrants In Mediterranean Sea

It was a busy day on Saturday for one of the ships in the Disney Cruise Line fleet as they had to take on a number of extra passengers for a short period of time. As the 10-night sailing aboard the Disney Magic is preparing to come to an end, the crew spotted a small boat floating out in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Before long, Disney realized that the boat was filled with migrants who were stranded and needing help.

One may not realize it, but this is far from the first time that a cruise liner has had to stop and help others stranded at sea. It also isn’t the first time that a ship in the Disney Cruise Line family of ships has come to the rescue either.

As reported by the Disney Cruise Line Blog, the Disney Magic was sailing out between Palma de Mallorca and Palermo during its 10-night Mediterranean Sea sailing. While out in the water, the crew spotted a very small blue boat sailing around 70 miles south of Sardinia.

Upon closing in on the location of the boat, the Disney Magic realized that it was packed with people who were stranded and needed serious help.

After coming up on the small boat, the Disney Magic got in touch with the Italian Coast Guard to advise them of the situation. About four hours after making contact, the Coast Guard showed up to the Magic which had been holding its position to wait for their arrival.

The 10-night Mediterranean sailing on the Disney Magic comes to an end on Monday when it returns to Barcelona to start another five-night cruise. There were no delays and no reported injuries of any kind while helping the boat full of stranded people.

Again, this isn’t the first time a Disney Cruise Line ship has helped rescue someone out at sea:

While some may have found it quite strange and frightening because of not knowing exactly who was in the boat, the Disney Magic did the right thing. Being stranded out at sea can happen to anyone and being in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea is something that is even more frightening. The Disney Cruise Line cast members stepped up, helped the stranded migrants, and they did it without hardly breaking stride or schedule during the sailing.

[Featured Image by David Roark/Getty Images]