A Small Texas Town Adopts 76 Needy Children

Americans might be mourning the lost lives of 20 young children in Connecticut, but the great state of Texas has given people a reason to smile again.

According to TODAY, a small country church in the town of Possum Trot, Texas has made headlines with an incredibly positive achievement.

Twenty-five families at Bennett Chapel Baptist Church, led by Bishop W.C. Martin and his wife, Donna, spent the last 16 years collectively adopting 76 young children from all across Texas.

Many of those adopted were previously abandoned or abused.

Every foster family from Bennett Chapel Baptist Church has been doing everything possible to provide for their children.

Donna Martin said:

“Our financial struggles, they’re devastating. But you can’t bring these kids into your home and not prepare them for their future.”

According to People, Donna was grieving the loss of her mother when she heard a voice telling her to adopt. The Martin’s already had two children, but they wound up adopting bringing four more into their family.

Once the Martins adopted their four new children, 20 more fellow parishioners decided to follow their example.

The adoptive families, after giving so much throughout the years, received a surprise Christmas gift of their own this year. Walmart wound up donating enough food to reopen the food bank and donation center. Not only that, Walmart also provided each of the 25 families who have adopted children with a cart of fresh groceries and a $500 gift certificate. They also bought Christmas presents for each adopted child.

Walmart gave W.C. Martin a $15,000 gift card for all of his efforts to help children in need.

Martin said:

“This is like a prayer being answered. That we have prayed so hard for God, for someone, to do something. We didn’t know when, we didn’t know where, but we knew he was going to do something.”

Donna Martin then said:

“There is a saying that the Lord might not always come when you want him, but he always comes on time. We are humble. We will continue to stand, and thank you, Walmart. We will never look at you all the same.”