Cyclone Evan Causes Damage In Fiji, Though No Deaths Reported

Suva, Fiji – Cyclone Evan caused flooding and structural damage in Fiji, but thus far, no deaths or serious injuries have been reported.

The powerful cyclone caused much structural damage when it hit Fiji today, though thus far, no casualties or serious injuries were reported, according to The Associated Press. The cyclone previously killed at least four people in Samoa, and 12 are still missing. reports that Cyclone Evan is the equivalent of a category three storm, and will continue to move through the area Monday and Tuesday, bringing heavy rain and squalls. NOAA’s Coastal Services Center reports that Evan is the strongest tropical cyclone to threaten Fiji in five years, since Tropical Cyclone Daman in December 2007.

Only 12 tropical cyclones of at least category three have threatened Fiji since 1972.

Fiji’s Permanent Secretary of Information Sharon Smith-Johns said that northern parts of Fiji had lost power and that some bridges and roads were washed out after the cyclone first hit late on Sunday. Roughly 3,500 people had evacuated to emergency shelters, and the nation’s advance preparation helped prevent deaths.

Cyclone Evan will make its way south over the next day, and is expected to affect tourist areas near the town of Nadi. It will miss the capital of the Pacific island nation, Suva.

Our thoughts are with the people of Samoa and Fiji, and we’re hoping that no one is hurt as the storm hammers the area over the next couple of days.