Explosion near San Juan, Puerto Rico caused by plane crash

UPDATE: Reports are coming in that the explosion outside San Juan Puerto Rico was caused a small plane. It has caused an industrial fire at a gas refining facility outside the city.

Again, the Associated Press is reporting they have official word that the explosion was caused by a small plane crash..

My personal apologies to anyone who may have been affected by my original report being inaccurate. The original article is shown below in it's entirety, unedited.

DEVELOPING STORY: A dramatic explosion near San Juan, Puerto Rico tonight is believed to be [redacted] on it's way to Luis Munoz Marin International Airport in San Juan.

The airplane was reportedly an [redacted]. Authorities aren't giving any details except to say that emergency crews are currently responding to a large explosion outside the island city.

More as the story develops.

Story via @RodrigoBNO of BNONews.com. Photo via Picasa user, Guillermo Carrion

Editors Note: We apologize that the original version of this post was inaccurate. The writer accepted at face value an external report from a trusted news supplier that was incorrect, backed by public data (flight tracking data) that confirmed strangely that a flight was seriously overdue. The story was corrected shortly after it went live, although a cached version of the original may have been shown to some readers. We will be implementing a review to consider if there is a way to avoid errors like this in the future.