iPhone 7S Plus Dummy Leaks: Reveals Glass Back And Wireless Charging Capabilities

Anu Mantri

Apple is anticipated to unveil the much-awaited 10th-anniversary edition of its iPhone – dubbed the iPhone 8 or iPhone X – in September. According to industry experts and leaks, giving company to the premium smartphone will be the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, the successors of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, respectively.

Rumors are rife that Apple's iPhone 7 Plus will support wireless charging just like rival Samsung's Galaxy S8+. Some experts believe that the iPhone 7s Plus will also ditch the aluminum casing sported by the iPhone 7 series in favor of an all-glass back. Adding fuel to the fire is the latest leak, which reveals that the iPhone 7s Plus could well take the glass back route.

iPhone 7s Dummy Unit Leaks

The dummy unit of the alleged iPhone 7s Plus leaked online on Friday, August 5, courtesy of reliable tipster Sonny Dickson. The images of the yet-to-be-announced smartphone were shared by publication 9to5Mac, which revealed that the iPhone 7s Plus will support inductive charging.

According to the publication, this new feature for the Apple smartphone will enable users to charge their device on a charging pad instead of via the Lightning cable. The leaked dummy unit images also reveal an all-glass back for the iPhone 7s Plus. However, apart from this inclusion, the iPhone 7s Plus' design looks similar to the iPhone 7 Plus. That said, all the leaked images of the dummy unit are only of the rear of the smartphone and not the front.

One can also spot the dual-rear camera setup on the iPhone 7s Plus dummy unit, as well as the flash. The leaked iPhone 7s Plus dummy unit's images also reveal that the antenna bands on the handset have been removed. The company likely did the same as the signal can permeate easily through a glass rear, sans any disturbances.

How Will A Glass Back Aid Wireless Charging?

While wireless charging technology is present for metal-based smartphones, the use of a metal like aluminum substantially slows down the device's charging speed. By using an all-glass back for the iPhone 7s Plus as – evidenced by the images – Apple is ensuring that its next-gen handset charges quicker vis-à-vis other smartphones available in the market.

The use of a glass back will also help Apple make use of wireless inductive charging seamlessly as it would not be required to include any holes in the smartphone's battery cover. A hurdle that Apple may encounter by using a glass casing for the iPhone 7s Plus is the proper elimination of heat. When compared to aluminum, glass is unable to dispel heat as effectively. Therefore, Apple will need to find a solution to this problem. The company may address this issue by including a new element in the iPhone 7s Plus, such as a layer of graphite, which would aid in safeguarding the device's Touch ID sensor.

Earlier in February, JP Morgan analyst Harlan Sur asserted that Apple was developing a customized wireless charging tech for its future iPhones. Sur, however, believed that the technology would not make it to the 2017 iPhone models. Apple also joined the WPC or Wireless Power Consortium in February, which fueled speculations that the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s series would support wireless charging capabilities.

In June, an Apple supplier – Wistron – confirmed that the iPhone 7s Plus would be waterproof and also support wireless charging capabilities. Speculations are rife that Apple has teamed up with Energous to bring the feature to its next-gen iPhones.

[Featured Image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]